I am going to let you in on a secret… We all have blocks or those areas in our lives where we feel stuck.  Can’t seem to get going with your garden, your taxes, your evening walk or starting a healthy habit – yep, that’s a block! They can be big […]

I actually begin my day ‘planning the day’ the night before. Late in the evening before I go to bed, I put the kettle on and get my herbal teapot filled so it can steep overnight and be ready for me the next morning.  You don’t have to do this […]

It is well into the winter season and we are going through days of glorious frosty cold and harsh wet windy weather that only these months can bring. The fresh air has been invigorating and the icy mornings are good for the soul. Of course many of us just want […]

Incorporating herbs into your diet and routine can be as simple as each day making a pot of herbal tea, adding in a handful of mixed herbs to your soup or cutting fresh herbs from the garden for a salad or stir fry.  The last thing I do each evening […]

If nature could talk what would she tell us? Especially now of all times to be here on this planet while our lives are turned around and certainly altered for the better and worse. I wonder if nature would give us some sage advice for the coming long cold winter […]