Changing life up a bit

I am going to let you in on a secret… We all have blocks or those areas in our lives where we feel stuck. 

Can’t seem to get going with your garden, your taxes, your evening walk or starting a healthy habit – yep, that’s a block! They can be big or small. Some are not interfering that much in our lives or so we tell ourselves.

Other types of blocks are so intertwined and linked deeply within our body-mind-spirit, that all aspects of our relationships, family, work and life are bogged down in that ‘what shall not be named’. 

Feeling stuck in life can play out in so many different ways – sometimes we don’t even realise we are blocked. We often refer to ourselves, and others, as ‘set in our ways’. You all know at least one person like this and we all have at least one area of our own lives exactly the same.

Couldn’t be clearer than that!

Over this past year, we, at the very least, have had a lot of time to reflect on our lives and hopefully a new sense of what was working and what wasn’t doing so well. Actually, those areas might have been glaringly obvious and needed addressing or some sort of new approach. 

We need to mix it up a little, because breaking out of these habits and thought patterns are not only liberating; they most often are transformative. 

The real change comes about because for the most part, these blocks are functioning in a direct feedback loop into our deepest fears, worries and huge amounts of often unnecessary stress. 

So, let’s get down to business here shall we? 

The exact method I use for releasing or removing or dissolving or even just getting at the process of breaking apart an internal block isn’t complicated – let me tell you what I teach in my clinic and do for myself.

Most weeks, unless it is Christmas, I do a wee fast day or two – usually this goes fairly well and is easy enough. I drink juices, smoothies, herbal teas and water. Or any liquid broth would be great too especially on cold days.

My one item that I always add in to my warm (not hot!) herbal tea or water or juice is apple cider vinegar and one supplement such as vitamin C. I plan out my day – often with a flask full of liquid and top it up with around one tablespoon of vinegar per half litre or pint of water and my selected vitamin. 

I sip on this throughout the day.

Then I carry on as usual – I walk a little more, or any type of exercise you are or are not doing. Push yourself a tiny bit. Not much – but these blocks do need a push.

I write down things daily, so this often helps me sort out the process of exactly what it is I am trying to dismantle in my life. You can get really creative here – make a list, break it into parts, write down a goal or ten and then narrow these down into targets for the day or week or month.

Another thing that I found myself doing, certainly in times past when we could travel a little further – was to go some place new and different. Like an unusual walk in the woods, a trip to a beach you have never seen, or even a long drive around a mountain. 

These days, I get really adventurous and go shop at a store I don’t often visit or walk down a street or laneway that I’ve never been (go wild!). In other words, get completely out of your comfort zone.

What we are doing is changing life up a bit… Encouraging our minds to create new neurons and pathways, while we delve deeply into what and why we are doing things and seeking a better or easier or often healthier approach.

Although these are just a few ways to tackle change – breaking through a block that is holding you back can set you on a path to reaching your potential. 

April Dannan

April Danann is a food influencer, creating new trends in healthy sustainable living as part of her clinical practice as a Naturopath Herbalist Herbal Nutritionist Intuitive. She lives in West Cork where she is a natural bee keeper and can often be found in the hedgerows.

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