Emotions are intense. Our moments and days can be completely altered purely by mood, for better or for worse. On the bright side, the landscape of emotion is colourful, dynamic, ever-changing and intriguing. Like a voyage across the ocean, we will all inevitably know what it is to be tossed […]

More and more people are aware of the Gut-Brain Axis but today I am talking about the importance of the Brain-Gut connection. When suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms that have been going on for a long time, many people assume that it must be to do with food sensitivities or low-level […]

Steeped in the Chinese medical tradition as I am, I have become more and more in awe over the years, as to just how elegantly it treats illness and serves to restore whole-system health. Within a Chinese herbal formula will be a multi-layered medicine that is capable of addressing a […]

One of the most common symptoms that accompanies any chronic health condition is fatigue and low energy. Getting to the root cause of this for each person is essential for them to make any sort of recovery.   There are three things we need in order to have energy and […]

For those of you who are following my journey through the human body, the things that can go wrong and what to do about them, this month is all about bowel awareness. Or more accurately, the gastro-intestinal tract. First, a quick whistle-stop journey of the food you put in your […]