by Gavin Buckley and Louise Forsyth  Summer is finally here, and we have so much going on at Uillinn for you to enjoy! See below for details on a very small selection of our events but do check in with us for more over the summer and beyond.  Together Now: […]

Blue House Gallery opens its doors during June to an intense month of exhibitions comprising photography, painting, printmaking, ceramics and collage. With Artists Spaces, photographers Geoff Greenham and Melanie Black have toured the studios of resident artists, taking inspiration from the environments these artists have devised to make possible the […]

Justin Grounds describes himself as a violinist and composer. He explains, “Because violin is where I go to first, and composing is my favourite thing to do. And the way that that then manifests itself in my daily life is teaching, performing, making records, and whatever comes.” He is refreshing […]

I recently became a first time father. (Don’t worry I won’t start any sentences with, “As a parent…!”) Yesterday, I was listening to a live recording of Sammy Davis Jr. from 1973 singing his signature song, Mr. Bojangles, and when he got to the point where he impersonates the titular persona, […]