I am continually in awe of the power of gratitude. Modern life and current times can so easily foster a sense of lack, of not having enough, of needing more. But this perception is often culturally and socially driven and not necessarily real. While we all face the immense challenge of […]

What images come to mind when you think of menopause? Whether it’s something you’ve yet to experience, have long since passed or are in fact, an unsuspecting man witnessing this inevitable time in the lives of the women around you, what would be your knee-jerk description of what menopause involves? […]

Emotions are intense. Our moments and days can be completely altered purely by mood, for better or for worse. On the bright side, the landscape of emotion is colourful, dynamic, ever-changing and intriguing. Like a voyage across the ocean, we will all inevitably know what it is to be tossed […]

Steeped in the Chinese medical tradition as I am, I have become more and more in awe over the years, as to just how elegantly it treats illness and serves to restore whole-system health. Within a Chinese herbal formula will be a multi-layered medicine that is capable of addressing a […]