Emotions are intense. Our moments and days can be completely altered purely by mood, for better or for worse. On the bright side, the landscape of emotion is colourful, dynamic, ever-changing and intriguing. Like a voyage across the ocean, we will all inevitably know what it is to be tossed […]

Steeped in the Chinese medical tradition as I am, I have become more and more in awe over the years, as to just how elegantly it treats illness and serves to restore whole-system health. Within a Chinese herbal formula will be a multi-layered medicine that is capable of addressing a […]

I find it inspiring to see a growing new generation of doctors and medics emerging in various corners of the world who are pushing the frontiers of modern medicine and advocating the power and virtue of what’s being dubbed ‘Lifestyle Medicine’. In essence, these are the brave MD’s willing to set […]

Consider for a moment, what kind of a spender are you? Are you the kind of person who looks, ahead, plans for your financial future, spends carefully and mindfully and invests regularly in your savings?  Or are you more laissez-faire? Do you spend today and worry tomorrow? Do you readily […]