Gratitude as medicine

I am continually in awe of the power of gratitude. Modern life and current times can so easily foster a sense of lack, of not having enough, of needing more. But this perception is often culturally and socially driven and not necessarily real. While we all face the immense challenge of the escalating cost of living, and perhaps teeter on the edge of anxiety or even panic at the prospect of making ends meet, it is perhaps at times like this that it becomes even more important to pause and reflect each day on all that we can be so grateful for. 

The work of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who photographed the effect of different emotions on the molecular patterning in water has been ground-breaking in showcasing the vibrational reality and impact of our thoughts and feelings. Gratitude, like all emotions, has a unique vibrational and energetic pattern and this ripples through our watery physiology, conducting a harmonious resonance on a cellular level. Like a tuning fork, gratitude can calibrate us to an altogether sweeter note. And it is available to us in each and every moment. 

Gratitude inspires reciprocity. Reciprocity builds goodwill. Goodwill evokes generosity. Generosity yields a sense of abundance. And abundance casts an aura of calm and contentment. 

What’s curious is that we can find our way into a sense of deep gratitude and abundance both from changing what we choose to focus on mentally or emotionally, but also by adjusting our physiology. 

When I take my clients through the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, a three-month nutritional and behavioural change programme, they don’t only change physically. It’s not just that they shed unwanted weight or find themselves feeling much less inclined to eat non-nutritious food. Nor is it simply a way to become free of the inflammation and pains they thought they were stuck with or to overcome metabolically related conditions they have been struggling with. 

What I find particularly moving to witness in my WildFit clients is their change in perception and the exponential ripple effect of benevolent change that occurs throughout their lives as they move through the programme. As the WildFit Challenge unfolds, clients simultaneously gradually ‘take a holiday’ from all foods that don’t serve them (or indeed, any of us) whilst optimising the quality and quantity of their incoming nutrition. For many people, it is the first time their body has ever experienced that degree of superb nutrition. Initially, with such an unprecedented supply of goodness, their body seizes the opportunity to do much-needed repair and recuperation. But as this process stabilises, and their body normalises a sense of nutritional abundance, I notice that they begin to experience abundance in other areas of their life. 

People start to report feeling that they have a sense of spaciousness in their life, with time feeling a little more available to them. Or they describe having launched into clutter clearing and sorting that they’ve been meaning to do for years. Or they have an abundance of energy that compels them to undertake that garden project or home-making mission they had almost given up on. Or they mention feeling more financially abundant even though nothing has changed in their income levels. Or they start feeling more connected with loved ones and more emotionally open, so enriching their relationships. Or they find that their dormant libido begins to awaken and stir into life. Or they begin to shine with that special kind of shine that comes from simply feeling happy for no particular reason. Yet all that has really changed is that in becoming nutritionally abundant, the lens (their body) through which they experience life begins to shift. Gratitude for life and for its simple pleasures begins to take root. There is a sense of ‘enough-ness’, of feeling satiated and nourished, not just physically and nutritionally but in a myriad of subtle yet powerful ways. 

If you would like to find out more about whether the next WildFit 90 Day Challenge starting on July 25 could be right for you, book a free Discovery Call with Freya Sherlock to discuss your health needs and aspirations. Email or call 086 127 3148.

Freya Sherlock

Freya Sherlock is a professional Chinese Medicine practitioner offering Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions and Tui Na Remedial Bodywork at her private clinic in Dunmanway. She offers a general practice with additional specialisms in women’s health and digestive disorders. Freya is also Ireland’s premier WildFit Coach.

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