Opportunity to do community-based project management training in West Cork

Are you involved in a project in your local community in West Cork? Would you like to set up initiatives in your community in the future? If so, consider signing up for the free online Community-Based Project Management short course delivered as part of the SECAD Sustainable Communities Training Programme. 

This Community-Based Project Management short course introduces you to the important issues and principles for developing and managing community-based projects. The course will be delivered over seven weeks via Zoom on Wednesday evenings, from 7 to 9pm. 

The course is open to anyone in West Cork that is currently involved in a project within their community, and to anyone who is interested in taking part in community projects in the future. The projects you are working on or are interested in can be big or small, and no prior knowledge of project management is needed for the course. 

The course topics are:

January 12: Induction – getting to know groups and project ideas

January 19: Understanding Project Stages and the project cycle

January 26: Getting clear on project intervention logic – if the project does this, then that will happen

February 2: Common ways to describe a project – understanding terms like goal, objective, outcome, impact.

February 9: Monitoring progress. How will you know whether it’s going well? Milestones and Indicators

February 16: Evaluation questions and processes. Did it do what we said? What else did it do? What did we learn?

February 23: Project budget for planned actions and finance tracking

Where people are currently involved in a project, or are planning a project, they can work on their project as part of the course if they wish. For example, in week five when learning about milestones and indicators, you can use this space to work on developing milestones and indicators for your own project with support from the tutor. 

The course is part of the SECAD Sustainable Communities Training Programme, which is managed by VOICE Ireland. SECAD Local Development Partnership provides a range of rural development and social inclusion supports to motivate and empower local communities to create a more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive society. VOICE Ireland is an environmental charity that empowers individuals and local communities to take positive action to conserve our natural resources.

To sign up for the course go to secad.ie or email Abi on abi@voiceireland.org. Participants are welcome to attend for all or part of the course.

WCP Staff

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