NDC launches new ad campaign celebrating Irish dairy farmer’s resilience

Pic: Clare Keogh

Today the National Dairy Council is launching a new TV campaign to be aired on prime times slots from this evening. Covid-19 has created huge uncertainty for us all but the one thing we can continue to rely on is fresh high quality Irish food, thanks to the hard working farmers of Ireland. 

The adverts showcase the stunning footage of Irish farms created for the NDC and Kerrygold Quality Milk awards, which have been running since 2010. These high impact visuals tell the story of hard working farmers, caring for their land and their grass-fed cows. The ad closes with fresh milk being poured, paired with in-home consumption moment.

Well-known Irish broadcaster Doireann Garrihy narrates the powerful ads. As one of the nation’s most popular broadcasters with her prime time show (2FM Breakfast), her authenticity, likeability and recognisable voice adds an additional layer of advocacy to farmers.

Doireann said, “I am delighted to be fronting this campaign on behalf of the National Dairy Council who I have worked with over the last number of years. There are dairy farmers on both sides of my family; I feel very connected to and passionate about celebrating the amazing Irish farmers who produce quality food 365 days a year”.

The ad campaign also showcases the NDC Guarantee mark which was introduced in 2009, a packaging mark giving consumers in the Republic of Ireland the reassurance of knowing that if they buy milk or cream with the NDC Guarantee, it is both farmed and processed locally. The NDC Guarantee appears on 350 milk and cream products across the country, ranging from brand leaders to ‘private label’ or ‘own label’ products. This amounts to hundreds of pack types and sizes across many products.

Speaking about the campaign, Zoe Kavanagh, CEO of NDC commented; “This is an important time to celebrate excellence in dairy farming. Irish dairy has one of the lowest carbon footprints internationally, primarily due to the unique grass fed, family based Irish farming system, which is extremely efficient and involves less intensive farming. During challenging times people need to have trust in what they know. Irish dairy is recognised as a vital part of people’s diet and general health across the life stages, indispensable to Ireland’s social and economic well-being now more than ever!”

While the positive credentials of Irish dairy are longstanding and plentiful, the gap between food origin and consumer is growing. At the same time, consumers are demanding natural sustainably produced food – transparency, authenticity, taking responsibility for your health and your environmental impact. The National Dairy Council recognises the opportunity to reconnect consumers with natural food production and showcase that in Ireland our unique grass-based system coupled with our family farming system is what really sets Ireland apart.

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