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Are you a busy woman with more commitments than you have time to manage at your best? Perhaps you are working, a mother, a carer, or all three, stressed and struggling to catch-up.

Do you feel like a juggler trying to keep all the balls in the air at the same time? Or perhaps a firefighter constantly stamping out fires only to find a new emergency suddenly ablaze and melting your front door. 

More and more women today are experiencing burnout, but don’t realise what it is. Life in 2021 is more intense, more demanding and more restrictive than ever before. Covid-19 has made it so difficult to support our loved ones, to grieve, to let off steam and recharge our batteries with social gatherings and fun activities.

There is immense pressure to be strong, to be the one holding your family together and your emotions in. 

As a woman you are the heart and centre of your family’s world, so many people rely on you. It is natural to prioritise others, especially if you are the eldest, the only girl, self-employed or the one living closest. It is normal to feel like you are not doing enough and guilty when you believe others need more of you.

These stresses can overwhelm you and negatively impact on your health. So please take a moment and ask yourself these questions: Is your menstrual cycle easy and regular? Is your mental health good?  Is your mind quiet or does it race at night, affecting your sleep and your mood? Are you exhausted? Have you lost your appetite or are you emotionally eating and concerned about your weight?

What would it feel like to slow down…to take care of yourself…to breathe? What would it feel like to talk with someone and release the pain in your heart and pressure in your head? What would it mean to you to wake refreshed before the alarm, smiling and looking forward to the day?

There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you give yourself permission and surround yourself with the right resources. I know this can be difficult, so what would you do differently if it was your friend, your partner or your child who was feeling the way you are feeling right now?

Take a moment to imagine what self-care would mean to you. What would it mean to be able to step through your fears, find your strength, your purpose and balance in your life? What would it feel like to fill your cup; to stop emotionally eating; and be true to your own needs? How important is finding natural solutions for your mental, emotional and hormonal health? 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an approach that is personalised to your needs I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Amanda Roe is an Acupuncturist, Clinical hypnotherapist and Life and Health Coach. For more information call/text 087 633 1898 or email amanda@marketstclinic.com.

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