West Cork NLN taking applications now for Level 5 Office Administration Programme

NLN’s Office Administration course, which is run in conjunction with CETB, uses a blended delivery approach of two days in centre and three days’ home study/work experience over two years.  This approach is highly attractive to anyone who cannot commit to attending a Training Centre full time. There are two locations – Clonakilty and Model Farm Rd, Cork – which are easily accessible by public transport. For students availing of public transport, NLN can subsidise the costs of travel.  

Course Content

Certified Modules:

• Word Processing

• Text Production

• Spreadsheet Methods

• Database Methods

• Information and

• Personal Effectiveness

• Customer Service

• Work Experience

NLN is aware that it is not only lack of qualifications that prevents people from accessing employment. For many, lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy can make people fearful of trying to move on or make a change. That is why as well as providing certified training, NLN has additional uncertified training and support in the following: – Career Planning, Confidence Building, Job Searching supports, Manual Handling and Sage Accounts. A laptop is provided for students.

Benefits of blended delivery approach

Not everyone has the availability to be in a training centre Monday to Friday. It can be family commitments, health issues or even transport difficulties that prevent someone from applying for full time training courses. Office Administration’s combination of only two days centre attendance and three days’ home study means it is accessible to more people than a traditional five-day a week commitment. The other three days are used by the student to revise work covered in class and to complete the work assigned to them at their own pace and at times that suit them at home. 

Who is the course suitable for?

There is no typical person profile for Office Administration. Over the 10-plus years that NLN have been offering this course in Cork County, there has been a diverse blend of people ranging from early school leavers to mature students, people who suddenly found themselves unemployed after working for many years and do not have any IT skills to people whose families have grown and they now wish to do something for themselves. For some, the priority has been to retrain and get qualified in order to find employment, for others it is step one in their plan to gain higher education. 

What makes NLN Office Administration different?

While other training organisations offer a similar course, NLN provides a supportive environment where all students have access to wellbeing supports and a psychologist to help them get the most out of their training. The atmosphere in this learning environment is friendly, enthusiastic and supportive and previous students have testified that as well as the obvious gains from learning and qualification, their personal wellbeing has benefitted enormously from the social aspect of being part of a supportive group. NLN understands that returning to education can be overwhelming so class sizes are kept small to ensure people are comfortable and can concentrate on learning in a safe space. 

Progression Pathways- Further Education

The graduate from this course will gain a QQI level 5 Major Award in Office Administration which can also be converted to points for the CAO system. The following are examples of higher education our past students have progressed to:-

• Bachelor of Business in Business Administration 

• Bachelor of Business Administration 

• EOD Business Studies for Mature Student – Higher Certificate in Business (over 23s only)

Progression opportunities – Employment  

Previous students have used their qualification to secure employment in the following areas: Primary Care Centres, GP surgeries, Insurance companies, Remote data entry for multinational companies, Car Sales Office, NCT centre offices. Having the Office Admin qualification does not limit you to just office work. The skills are transferable and can be utilised in so many other forms of employment because most jobs now require people to be computer literate even if it is not the primary role involved in the job.


“I had a very good course tutor and without the course I would not be able to do the office work where I am currently employed. Doing Office Admin has improved my quality of life by motivating me for a career change. I worked as a care assistant but always wanted to work in an office. I was unsure at first if I would be able to do the work but I got so much support and encouragement to not give up even if it got difficult sometimes. As a result of the skills I learned in Word, Spreadsheets etc, I am now employed as an office administrator in the very care home I used to work as a carer. This was only possible by getting in touch with NLN. You are never too old to learn new things and once you have the knowledge no one can take it away from you”

“I actually saw the course advertised in my local GP’s office and I really am glad that I applied for it. What made it suitable for me was that the course is not rushed and groups are small so it allows for help to be given to each student accordingly. It is done at a pace where it is not too fast or slow. I have made loads of friends through doing the course as well which is great.”

“I completed the course three years ago and I initially decided to start it, as I was no longer able to continue working in my previous employment due to an illness. I had been working in the medical field for 15 years so I did not have much IT experience. I knew that if I wanted to work again I would have to retrain. Office Admin suited me as with a young family I could not attend a centre five days a week. The support I received from NLN to accommodate me all the way through was outstanding. On completion I was able to stay in the medical field which I loved but in an administrative role in a busy Primary Care centre. I would encourage anyone who is unsure of what they want to do to just enquire from NLN what they can do for you.”

“I had developed mental health problems at a young age after I did not receive the points I need in my Leaving Cert. I saw an ad for NLN and made an appointment to meet them.  I explained that not achieving my LC still bothered me because it meant I could not attend college. We decided Office Admin was the best fit for me and I was able to use my Major Award to apply and be accepted on the Bachelor of Business in Business Administration”  

Office Admin programme is open to anyone over 18 and it is advisable to have some knowledge of basic computer use before starting. However, at NLN, every application is on its merit, so you can call at any time and discuss how your individual needs can be accommodated. There is nothing lost by making a phone call! Call 027 51027.

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