November Sun Signs

Late October events will set the tone for the first two weeks of November. The early days of November may be a time of integrating a new version of our life. We see a strong theme of change and an intensification as several patterns finally complete, or begin, a phase. Adapting at a fast pace is required to match the speed at which things are progressing now. There is also a bigger theme, one that spans the years of Uranus in the sign of Taurus from mid 2018 to mid 2025. Early November brings it into full focus. 

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 31, exactly conjunct with Uranus, is the strong energy that carries us into this month and it brings an unstable and uncertain couple of weeks. We may see unexpected events or sudden revelations, which serve to wake us up to a reality that we didn’t expect or foresee. Even if we have been preparing for the future we may be surprised at how soon it arrived to become routine daily life. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and is inclined towards a peaceful and reliable lifestyle. It is most closely associated with our practical and sensual expression, the things that make life comfortable, as well as the ordinary but basic necessities of everyday needs. These are not simply the things we need to purchase but also the fulfilment of all human necessity, so there is a social level too. After all, it is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet that represents connection and sharing. 

Uranus is a planet of change and redirection. It is the revolutionary, which overthrows the existing status quo and installs a new approach. It can bring sudden and unexpected shifts, as it seeks a freedom from the old or established ways. When it is acting on a material level it affects our systems and structures. It can bring chaos and disorder, at least temporarily during the shift into a new order. On a personal level it can set you free from any old conditioning and provide the means of breaking habits and entrenched thinking that bind you to the past. It is a liberator and can potentially wake you up to the “higher truth” and a spiritual freedom so you can express your unique self.  

Three planets, Mercury, Mars and Neptune, will turn to go direct once more after being in their retrograde phase. This also brings a swiftness to events and a change in dynamics as we get to make new ground and many of the themes of the past few months are now able to progress at high speed. 

Mercury, still in retrograde, is in a really challenging position with Saturn and this happens to be exact twice within a few days. On November 1 and also November 6, in-between on November 3, it ‘stations’ to turn forwards once more. This is a rare sequence and indicates that frustrations and obstacles are everywhere. Mercury is all about communications and the everyday transactions we make. Saturn is the planet of limitation and restraint. Don’t expect to get things moving or have a free flow in this first week. Blocks on conversation topics and everyday movement are to be expected. This overbearing energy can run on into the second week until Mercury moves back into Scorpio on November 10 and then we may expect to hear some of what’s been hidden as the truth comes out. 

When Mars turns to go forwards on November 14, it can finally progress freely through its own sign of Aries. This fiery and assertive energy is not afraid of conflict and sets its own agenda with a determination to follow through. So we may see some of this energy unreleased over the next several weeks. It coincides with the New Moon of November 15, which sets the next trend. In Scorpio there is more intensity and depth of feeling behind our actions. Subtle means to achieving our desires may be the way now, as outward confrontation is not a Scorpio style. 

The following few weeks have Mercury and then Venus in an opposition to Uranus. This pulls back in an unsettled tone that continues into December, Shocking revelations can be disruptive to our plans, as stability is replaced by a more chaotic theme once more. There is going to be patterns of order versus chaos everywhere in the coming months. Finding stability on a personal and inward level will be the challenge. 

The Month ends with a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Gemini. This is part of an air sign sequence of eclipses, which are the trend now, beginning June 2020 until December 2021. This pattern puts our minds to work alongside our emotional ebbs and flows. Gemini brings the everyday connections into focus. A Mercury ruled sign that has a lot of ideas and loves to communicate. There are two sides to a story and this eclipse may take us from one side into the other for a while.  

November has a New Moon at 24° Scorpio on November 15 at 5.07am and the Full Moon Eclipse is at 9° Gemini on November 30 at 9.29am.  

Aries: Now is a time for getting down to business, stripping away and discarding non-essentials or even memories of things past. The situation you are in manages to support some mental or physical housecleaning on your part. You can now separate the wheat from the chaff, concentrating on important things. You are unsentimental about all of this. There is no place in your life for outworn or flimsy goods, ideas or relationships.  Innovations, new and possibly unconventional approaches to being productive or making money are all in order. Your response to life becomes more original and innovative.

Taurus: Perhaps this is a very social time, during which you receive all kinds of support from those around you. You may neglect individual concerns in favour of group or social affairs. Relationships are nourished and very much in focus. This is a time for turning away from your personal experiences by responding in a more spiritual and socially minded manner. You can handle your own past, and you want to share, especially by directly relating to others either intimately or through a joint project. You are able to love and care for both yourself and others.

Gemini: Efforts on your part to improve your health, diet, and physical condition show some results now. You are encouraged to attend to nagging details just to get them out of the way. This is a time of self-examination and re-evaluation. You are sorting through the experiences of the last several months, separating the worthwhile from the worthless and, in general, salvaging what you can. An inner drive may find you out and about, feeling like getting together with like minds. You may be urged to adopt a more open or impersonal attitude toward yourself or others. Expect important relationships to take up more of your attention now.

Cancer: The trend for you is to be more creative and expressive. Others may urge you on toward a more self-confident and outgoing attitude. You get a sense of having lived and experienced something important through these last months. Perhaps there is a dawning awareness of who you are and what you have of value. Together with a growing sense of self-discovery you may find yourself very appreciative of your more imaginative qualities. You enjoy expression from the heart and real life dramas. Children, animals and physical expression may appeal. Soon your mind will turn towards matters of health as you take stock of your physical condition.

Leo: The focus is on your home and private life, which could be very rewarding now. Your feelings and sense of security may find you seeking seclusion for a time or losing yourself in past memories. This marks the end of a phase of questioning. Now you can get a sense of where you stand, secure your position, feel whatever limits there are, and move forward. You have a base to build upon. You’ve sent down roots. This could be a creative time for you, in particular regarding ideas, concepts, and expressing or communicating yourself. You can put your experience and feelings into words and may be at your most witty and dramatic.

Virgo: Your ideas, words and ability to communicate works well and you find needed support or backing from those around you. Your ideas and thoughts may be very deep and rich and memories are especially vivid. You are exploring and searching now, linking things together, following up connections, seeing where the ends meet, until finally you find the limits to the sense of connection with others. You may come full circle and once again have a feeling of being on your own but you are clearer about the supports you have. Next, begin to consider what aspects of your past you would like to put behind you.

Libra: You may receive special attention from your friends and people around you. Maybe it’s time to reassess the relationships you have with the people in your local area. Women, younger people, and your home environment may contribute somehow to improve your financial standings giving you a sense that you have some back up and reserves. This is a good time to respond to new ideas and find a footing on which you can build firm a foundation. You may be gathering your resources, with the desire to act on vital ideas or impulses that you’ve experienced. Projects benefit from nurturing and growth. 

Scorpio: You may feel more self-oriented and concerned with appearances than usual. You can find yourself being put across in a good light or receiving praise. Friends and family unite to support you. Use that security to turn away from the outer world, focusing now on personal and inner changes. This is a good time to let go of anything that is worn out and superficial and only bring what you need into your improved personal life. New information available now sparks your imagination. Your mind and ideas may turn to questions of finance and material support. You could come up with new ideas relating to money, possessions, values, and potential investments.

Sagittarius: Understanding and generosity may be forthcoming from friends or family. Your own efforts to be helpful and give freely of yourself are well rewarded. Put up with minor inconveniences and irritations for the sake of what is really important in your life. Sacrifices made now will be more than repaid by an increased ability on your part to bring things to life and make dreams real. You could find yourself in an understanding mood, able to appreciate and value the humility and sublimation that goes into any effort with goals, which reach beyond the personal. You may generally feel more inclusive and want to create a harmonious environment by dissolving outworn defences.

Capricorn: Community concerns and altruism in general may get an added boost during this time. People around you unite to make long-term goals and ideals seem more possible. This is a good time for resolutions and attempting to put into practice your heartfelt desires. You may feel moved to co-operate and work together with others on community and long-term projects. You want to make your dreams a reality. Your business sense is enhanced, and you are able to really get down to what is important when it comes to making decisions affecting your material welfare. Superficial possessions may no longer interest you. Instead, things of lasting value appeal.

Aquarius: There is a lot of support for you to make job-related and practical decisions. Your ambitions could receive encouragement from friends, co-workers, and those around you. This is a time when your practical vision may be at a high. You can see what needs to be done and just how to go about doing it. Long term goals and projects may benefit from the increased clarity you possess. You become aware that a little self-sacrifice and an understanding attitude on your part could have far-reaching effects on your own life-path and general direction during this time period. A little long-suffering and restraint now could really pay off later.

Pisces: This is a time to concentrate on essentials and to focus on the essence of your situation. ‘Take care of business’ is the key to your current situation. A good time for deep thinking, take a turn toward more lasting values. Right now, you can expect encouragement regarding all things candid and honest. A lack of superficiality finds you straight to the point, interested in the truth of things. Perhaps a rekindling of personal philosophical and religious thoughts is required also. The foundations of belief you lay down now are there to be built on in the future.

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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