March Sun Signs

March comes in with a flurry of planets making big astrological statements. We have a series of conjunctions, where planets join forces to offer a new expression to their usual individual energy. It’s a chain-link effect with several stand-alone events being brought together in unique combinations. This is a complex pattern and it will be hard work to sort out which is responsible for what. There are many undercurrents, plot twists and revelations to play out over the next few weeks, ensuring a fast-paced race to the Equinox and New Solar cycle on March 20.

The New Moon on March 2 will set the theme for the next two weeks. A Pisces New Moon usually brings a relaxed and creative mood. This Sun-Moon combination joins with Jupiter and connects to Uranus. There is nothing subtle here. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, aspiration and elevation, gives grandiose and expansive energy to the first few days of March. The outer and offbeat planet Uranus brings the element of surprise and can take things on new paths or give unexpected outcomes to events. 

On a personal level, it’s a great time to reach for your highest goals and set the intention for achieving meaningful and fulfilling experiences. Just be aware that you can get more of a result than you hoped for and it may come in a different form to the one you planned. 

During the same few days in this first week, Mercury, the planet of connections and communication joins with Saturn, the planet of structure, form and restriction. This can make negotiations and deals made now, binding and long term. There can be a long and drawn out conversation or a rigidity in thinking that could create an obstruction to understanding. Be aware that there can be a lot of negativity with this influence and miscommunication is likely. Transport problems and delays are a potential. 

On March 3, we have the Venus-Mars duo crossing over Pluto in advance of them both moving into Aquarius where finally Venus catches up and passes Mars on March 6.

 With both the ‘Goddess of Love’ and the ‘God of War’ in such close company since early February. Passion and intensity are combined here. The focus on strife, conflict and assertion has created tension between former friends whilst new allegiances are formed. Themes around resources, their ownership and who gets a share of them, are uppermost. 

Pluto is all about purging and clearing out the old patterns. Any planet that connects to this powerful force adds its signature to the type or style change required. This is a very powerful few days, and like tectonic plates moving below the surface the seismic shifts are seen in the transforming effects of the aftermath sometime after the event. 

When Mars combines with Pluto there can be a determined effort to eliminate what is seen as the ‘toxic’ elements in a situation, society or system through assertion and dominance. Venus is currently travelling ahead of the Sun in her daily routine and this makes her the ‘morning star’. Now she is more like a tigress defending her cubs than the seductress of the ‘evening star’. She is battle-ready and will do whatever she needs to protect those who are important to her. Expect many forms of conflict in the world on a mass scale and on a personal level. People will rise to fight for what they feel is right or needs support regardless of the truth or reality. There are strong emotional drives at work and reason can be abandoned now. Love of power and being ‘right’ is the dominating drive for much of the action taking place now. 

This dynamic is brought to a peak as Venus and Mars move into Aquarius and join at the same degree of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction of December 2020. This activates the theme of societal shifts and new eras that is so much a signature of our current time. 

Mars and Venus in this sign throughout March set a pattern of asserting your right to act according to your own principles. It enforces the urge to stand up for others, especially your friends or loved ones when they are being attacked. Friendships and your community become the most important unions to cultivate. Personal relationships and love affairs are formed out of common ideals and practicality rather than romance. 

Having navigated the first week of the month we move on to the Sun joining with Neptune on March 13. This highlights that we can’t tell the truth from illusion right now. The ‘smoke and mirror’ effect is not to be underestimated this month with Neptune in Pisces so strongly activated now. Mercury joins with Neptune on March 23 adding to the unreliability of news or information you may receive. The best policy is to question everything and believe nothing until you have absolute certainty. Making a decision, choice or taking a stand based on current data could prove to be unfortunate later. 

The Full Moon on the 18th coincides with Venus in a challenging aspect with Uranus so we can expect the unexpected in our important connections. When Mars follows up with the same aspect on the 22nd there can be impulsive actions and rash moves. This energy can shift events into unexpected directions and there can be sudden breakups or flashpoints that cause disruption. 

When Mercury joins with Jupiter on the 21st there can be an exaggeration as things get blown out of proportion but also an optimistic and positive news story can lift the spirits with this generally positive combination. The bigger picture makes more sense now and this can boost confidence during a very confusing period. 

The month ends with Venus conjoined with Saturn and the combination of the love planet with stabilising Saturn can make for a much calmer atmosphere in all relationships. The head rules the heart during the next few days and the fallout from such intensity and passion in the early part of the month can be dealt with sensibly and with consideration for the longer-term consequences. 

March has a New Moon at 13 degrees Pisces on March 2 at 5.34pm and a Full Moon at 28 degrees Virgo on March 18 at 7.17am.

Aries: The first days of March is a time to withdraw and spend some time alone regardless of how extroverted and outgoing you might usually feel. You will benefit by taking a few days to rest and recuperate, mentally, emotionally and physically as you revitalise your spirit. You will instinctively know what others need right now but it’s not your place to fulfill all their desires. Eruptions of the unconscious could bring both troubles and personal revelations to the surface right now, but don’t say the first thing that comes to mind, or you may have to deal with more than you intended to.

Taurus: Try to wear your heart on your sleeve without worrying about the outcome during the next couple of weeks. It can be worth the risk of upsetting the balance so you can share what you are really feeling with those that matter most. You instinctively relate to people around you and you want them to accept you as you are. The ability to break out of your shell will find you with people you might have thought didn’t care about you before. An approach of sincere honesty can make you welcome in unexpected places and bring you valuable new allies.

Gemini: You might have the feeling that the world is your oyster during early March. Now is the time to consider making a few moves up the ladder towards your goals. New developments in career matters could find you quite stressed for a couple of days as you adjust to fast-paced changes. Take time to plan ahead before you take on any new commitments. The pressure to produce results can be a bit intense and too many things happening at once make it hard to keep track. It is important to listen and learn before you make your choices.

Cancer: Try to keep both feet on the ground during early March as heightened emotions may run away with you. It’s essential not to lose your head now. Maintaining a practical approach will certainly pay off. You may get the impulse to take a trip, stretch your boundaries or start a study course. It’s a great time for planning, dreaming up new adventures, or rearranging the way you look at things. You need new experiences but avoid hasty commitments. Don’t agree to anything that may prove to be misrepresented or insubstantial a few weeks from now.

Leo: This is a good time to re-evaluate what you want in your life. It may turn out that you’ve changed since you last considered what you find truly meaningful. If you do get what you’ve been seeking over recent months it may prove extremely dissatisfying unless you check that it still has value for you. This month your intuition is strong and you can sense the emotional flow of people around you more easily but don’t assume you know what they are really thinking. Aim to develop trust with someone before you feel secure enough to express any deeper or more private responses.

Virgo: Now is the perfect time for seeking new love or turning over a new leaf with your partner. You may find someone directs their amorous attention your way and how you respond could affect the course of a relationship. Emotions run hot but the message underneath is meaningful so it needs to be seriously considered. You need to be particularly understanding and realise that feelings may be exaggerated. You can achieve a new level in your close connections but this peak energy can’t be the only thing driving the relationship for the longer term.

Libra: It can be easy to get worried about health matters during this month. The temptation to throw yourself into a new regime may be strong but moderation is really the key. Consider any new ventures thoroughly before you commit or it will prove to be a flash in the pan. The same goes for cleaning the house or starting off any new project. Make sure you’re not expecting too much or overestimating your stamina. Even you may find it hard to keep up. You’ll not always have this much drive. Pace yourself now so you don’t run out of steam later.

Scorpio: The astral weather is perfect for fun and entertainment during early March. In fact, anything you do for enjoyment will seem compelling right now. Find time to be playful, or just break out the inner child for innocent amusement. You can more easily relax and take it easy now. Get creative as you’ll find that your imagination flows and problems are resolved more easily than usual. Remember the fine line between simple adventures and risky behaviour or overindulgence, so be aware when it’s time to call a halt.

Sagittarius: If things around the home aren’t running smoothly during early March you will need to assert your right to peace and harmony. Make sure you express yourself clearly and are not misunderstood. Used creatively, this desire can lead to new ways of organising and arranging your personal space so it doesn’t overlap that of others. It’s a good time to start new home-related projects as a way to utilise the extra energy constructively. The only thing you’ll not want to be is idle; the vibes are too intense to just sit on your hands.

Capricorn: You feel compelled to start the dialogue with someone. But don’t be too impulsive. If plain speaking doesn’t work be sure to get what you’re thinking out there in some form. Whatever happens, it will be nothing but action for the few days after this New Moon with plenty of options. Rather than focusing on one single issue, deal with the smaller matters wisely to get results. Don’t linger too long on the details but decide quickly and move right along to the next. You’ll have plenty of time to take it easy later this month.

Aquarius: Now is a great time to consider how you’re shaping up financially. If things don’t look as rosy as you’d like just stand back and take a second look before jumping to conclusions. It may seem quite urgent to act but everything seems more intense now. Wise investments made at this time can bring good returns in the next couple of weeks, but rash decisions could drain you in the same time frame. Most importantly don’t worry yourself unnecessarily about things that only time can remedy.

Pisces: The New Moon in your own sign is a time of personal regeneration. You find yourself receiving extra attention. Others turn to you to see what you’re going to do next. This may be unsettling as it’s rather different to what you’re used to. You will need to step up and display your self-confidence in a way that wasn’t called on before. Take time to consider your next move and then act assertively and with consistency. Certainly don’t settle for small things when something much bigger is possible. Enjoy the generosity of others.

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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