February Sun Signs

The month starts with a New Moon on February 1 that pulls in the Saturn square Uranus theme. We may have hoped this was behind us with the passing of 2021 but there are still some issues to work through. The constraining qualities of Saturn are likely to put limits on the nonconformist intentions of Uranus over the next couple of weeks. Moving into a new phase too quickly can leave loose threads to snag us later, but withholding the option to make up one’s own mind can result in defiance. This pattern of tension continues until mid-month. It’s not all about strife but the positive benefits of this New Moon may take a while to manifest. It is worth taking time over the first few days of the month to pay attention to where your attention goes. Whatever you give your emotional energy to now, will gain strength as the Moon waxes to Full at mid-month.

Venus started moving forwards again on January 29 and she is now heading to join with Mars in early March. Mercury turns direct in motion again from February 4. On the same day, the Sun is joined with Saturn, and Mars makes positive contact with Jupiter. This combination has a strong dynamic quality that can bring very significant forwards movement. The Sun illuminates the message that Saturn brings. It can reveal the negative effects of this austere planet when too much restricting force has been applied. With the connecting planet, Mercury taking off through Capricorn and moving on into Aquarius over the next two weeks, it can highlight problems and difficulties around communications and negotiations. The Mars Jupiter energy brings a forceful and direct approach that can help prevent a ‘log jam’ scenario from occurring. There is a risk that it will provoke the urge to do something – anything, rather than let things remain in tension. On a personal level, this can be a very productive time. A deliberate, well-aimed, hard shove can get things rolling when they seemed impossibly stuck due to so many obstacles. Sudden action and the impulse to go off on a tangent is amplified again around February 8 when Mars connects to Uranus and new possibilities or unexpected options are likely.

The energy for making momentous shifts is intensified around February 11, when Mercury joins Pluto and repeats a conjunction that happened on December 30 and January 29. This third hit will bring out more news and revelations about the shadow side of events, people and organisations. It’s a time when secrets, hidden agendas can come to light. There can also be dramatic changes in allegiances as the balance of power becomes threatened and those who are unsettled start to compete for the best position.

This year, February 14, St Valentine’s day, doesn’t offer us soft candlelight and romantic feelings. The planets bring a real intensity of passion and the potential for a long term commitment. Mercury has just moved into Aquarius, which puts our minds on the future and how we can build a better life, not just with one significant other, but within our entire community. The conjunction of Venus and Mars are very potent as they are about to join together on February 16. The classic love planets are at the strongest point of their combined energy for the year. This duo brings together both the desire and the required spark to make connections. In the sign of Capricorn, we focus on the need for common goals, shared values and a practical plan for our shared future. This is about where and with who we want to invest our love energy.

The Full Moon on February 16, together with the Venus-Mars conjunction, bring a culmination to the recent Venus retrograde and Pluto conjunction. Over the previous weeks since mid-December, we may have recognised what we truly value in our close and intimate relationships. There are some situations or people that we know we want to leave in the past. We may have needed to reunite with something or someone we left behind so we could see the true value. It’s time to look to the future. We must make our commitment to what can bring forward with us whilst releasing the past and what is no longer a relevant part of our life.

From this mid-month point until the beginning of March there is a much more relaxed phase that we should take advantage of. As the Sun moves into Pisces there is a shift to a more creative and dreamy state. It may be hard to get the practical things done or accurately assess what’s happening around us. There could be a sense of unreality creeping in around February 23/24, as both Venus and Mars connect to Neptune, the planet of ambiguity. It could be more difficult to discern what is true and what is a pure misrepresentation. This only becomes a problem now if we have to make a value judgement or commit to one side of a story. We just don’t have the foundation for seeing the whole picture or making a wise choice. Enjoy the slower pace and don’t rush to make decisions. There is more to be revealed soon, as the New Moon in early March brings another level of disclosure.

February has a New Moon at 13 degrees Aquarius on February 1 at 5.46am and a Full Moon at 28 degrees Leo on February 16 at 4.56pm.

Aries: This month it’s who you know rather than what you know that matters. The spotlight is on your position within your community, in group ventures, or work projects which involve others of like mind. Make the opportunity to meet new people; the benefits will soon follow. It’s also time to move up a gear in your social life. The focus shifts after Full Moon on February 16, as you get out the party gear or just take some needed leisure time. Having fun is the theme and allowing the inner child some freedom to run loose now brings its rewards.

Taurus: Now is the time to make plans for your future. Personal status or vocational concerns are likely to dominate your thinking from late January into mid February. If you want to fulfill your ambitions or go a step further then make some positive moves. Getting yourself some recognition for what you do well takes on extra significance. Remember to balance the demands of work or public life with the needs of your home life especially from mid month onwards. Family or domestic arrangements need your attention but you get the support you need to create a secure foundation to work from.

Gemini: Travel, study or spiritual matters have been taking your attention. Not content with anything ‘hum drum’, you’re likely to want the freedom to explore new ground or invite new experiences into your life. This is a great time to think big and make the most of opportunities that come your way. An overseas contact may get in touch or new information provides the chance to break out from any restricting routines to try something different. Be prepared to open your mind to new ideas and lifestyles. Life could get hectic around Full Moon so pace yourself whilst you still have some time available. 

Cancer: The next two weeks might be a trying period; you may feel anxious and worried about money, health or concerned for other people. It will pass. You are simply focused on the negative side of a cycle at the expense of the positive. It’s a great time acknowledge what doesn’t work well in your life and prepare for the next phase. After the Full Moon on February 16, you begin to acknowledge what you have in terms of real assets and how you can make the best of them. Finances, accounts and money matters can improve when they get your full attention. 

Leo: Personal and professional partnerships will need your attention for the next few weeks. Finding a win-win situation for everyone has to be your goal. Interesting and stimulating people may come into your life now and you’ll want to find more time for intimate encounters or shared experiences. Your personal style and self expression becomes the issue later in February. You won’t want to be dictated to by other peoples demands. Being seen and accepted on your own merit becomes priority. Take time to consider if you are making the best of your natural skills and talents. You may discover you are underestimating yourself! 

Virgo: This is a good month to organise your work and routines. You’ll benefit from making adjustments especially if you’ve been overdoing it lately. Focus on the necessary tasks even if they don’t reap obvious rewards. Simple practical concerns about health, money or everyday responsibilities must be given your attention but don’t allow yourself to become over-anxious as a result. Treat yourself with care and pay attention to your practical needs especially up until Full Moon on February 16. Take a few days mid month for some solitary or down time to reflect and restore your spirit and vitality. 

Libra: Your imaginative powers are strong and you enjoy a chance to express your creative talents during the next few weeks. Give scope to your originality and get yourself noticed. Your feelings for loved ones are more intense now and children may take an important role in your life at this time. You want to have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously and taking chances might pay off. You may surprise yourself at what you come up with by just playing around. Expect rewards and acknowledgement for past efforts as we approach the month end.

Scorpio: During early February you may feel like staying home. Build up your reserves so you have plenty spare for later. Use this time to complete unfinished tasks and don’t expect to get started on anything new until mid month. Putting your energy into your domestic life will feel important. You feel some sense of achievement as a result. Your work or social status takes on greater significance in a few weeks when you’ll want to put your best effort into making the most of your situation. The real rewards will become more apparent after the 16th when you can expect some well deserved recognition. 

Sagittarius: Follow the urge to get out and about and make connections over the next two weeks. You may have  opportunities to get more involved with your neighbours or local events. This is also a good time to catch up on correspondences or to do some writing. You may feel restless if you don’t find activities that stimulate your mind. Travel, foreign visitors or starting a new study course will likely be a feature mid month and you’ll want to seek out more information and expand on what you already know. A boost to your work life or career is likely towards the month end.

Capricorn: With last month’s Full Moon opposite your Sun sign, the spotlight has been on dealing with any relationship issues in the last couple of weeks. The February New Moon finds you focused on your material security. Actual money isn’t the only source of wealth and you’ll probably find you have abundance in another form. Concerns or anxieties about being dependent on others may trouble you around mid month. It’s a short lived phase if you don’t dwell on the negative. Your world will open up with new opportunities after Full Moon on February 16. Make plans, think big and remember to include other people in your dreams.

Aquarius: Everyone wants to see what you’re going to do next during the first weeks of February. This month you’ll need to stand up and display your self-confidence in a way that wasn’t called on before. Make adjustments if you are not representing yourself accurately or in a way that is most true for your character. Relationship matters occupy your mind around Full Moon on February 16. What’s important is how these areas of your life are impacting on your lifestyle and self expression. The trick is to handle any tense moments with grace, state your position and move on quickly.

Pisces: During early February your inclination is to shun the limelight and keep pretty much to yourself. You can be very productive in the next few weeks by just quietly working away behind-the-scenes in seclusion. Reconnecting with your inner world is important for your sense of equilibrium. Valuable insights and breakthroughs are possible. Enjoy the quiet ‘alone time’ whilst you can as the demands of your outer world will encroach again soon enough. After February 18, when the Sun moves into your own sign, you will get the boost you need as life throws you some new or exciting challenges and you will be ready for them. 

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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