November Sun Signs

We start this month as the messenger planet slows, stops and changes direction to go retrograde and it doubles back through Scorpio until November 20.  Mercury doesn’t fully emerge out of its shadow phase until early December. This keeps the Scorpio tendencies strong in our minds all month. Mercury has been in Scorpio since early October and delving down into the deeper issues surrounding many difficult topics has been a trend. Connecting with our ‘shadow’ side or having to understand the effects of   someone else’s ‘darker’ nature may have been taking up your attention lately. It’s a great time to communicate the truth of deeper feelings and to get the raw and unfiltered emotions out into the open. Be aware that you may be feeling hurt or unfairly treated because you suspect the worst of people when this may not actually be the case. Our minds can go from the most suspicious to the most enlightened thoughts and back again as we revisit and reconsider events from the past. We may find that previously hidden facts come to the surface or an alternative perspective emerges to give us new information, this might be uncomfortable at first but it will finally allows old wounds or hurts to heal. 

The Full Moon in Taurus on November 12 puts matters of material security under the spotlight to brings things to a head. There is a desire for peace and stability but it cannot happen whilst there are still a few ‘lumps under the carpet’ to deal with. By the time we reach the New Moon on November 26 with both the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius we will be looking for new horizons and a brighter future.

The challenging opposition between fiery Mars and cool detached Uranus may give the sudden urge to sever or break ties with something that prevents us having a more optimistic experience. 

The New Moon is closely followed by the planet Neptune changing direction to go forward once more. Since mid June the planet of dreams, escapism and illusions has been in its retrograde phase, travelling backwards in its own sign of Pisces. This dreamy planet also serves to remove the obstacles that keep our attention captive in one fixed reality. When it goes forward once more we may feel like we are waking up from a dream or slumber or a period of confusion to find we can see things in a new light. Our definitions of what is appropriate or acceptable may have shifted over the last few months and we can be more open hearted, compassionate or understanding as a result. 

Our personal version of reality may have expanded to include a more spiritually driven or inspired approach. This additional creativity will be enhanced by a supportive aspect between Venus and Uranus around the last few days of the month. The positive connection of these two planets can bring unexpected unions and even a new love interest or small windfall. It is a case of the good things in life appearing out of the blue and providing a pleasant surprise to round off the month.

This month we have a Full Moon in 20° Taurus on November 12 at 1.34pm and a New Moon in 5° Sagittarius on November 26 at 3.05pm. 

Aries: This Full Moon is a time for getting on with important business. It’s a good time to put the past behind you, as you’re likely to be less sentimental during the next weeks. Keep moving onwards, concentrating on the things that matter. Strip away and discard non-essential items, memories and old habits. The drive to improve your finances and material security is strong. The desire for autonomy makes you reconsider areas where dependence on others may no longer serve the original purpose. You could find some welcome inspiration for a new direction or opportunity you hadn’t previously considered.

Taurus: A strong desire to express your unique personality encourages you to enjoy the social scene during the Full Moon phase. You want to assert yourself and take the lead but you may not always get full support from others. You tend to create reverberation in those around you until later this month. You could just be reacting to having given a lot of time and attention to your important relationships just lately. Your basic energy and drive are strong so if you can avoid being directly confrontational you will soon manage to charm even the most obstinate. 

Gemini: You’re sifting through the experiences of the last several months, in preparation for making a new start in some area of your life. This is a time of discrimination and possible self-examination. Living the ordinary life is not the whole story for you now. You want to contribute something worthwhile and you’re happy to take on extra responsibilities now. Additional support will be offered by friends and co-workers if they see your true intention is to be helpful and give something of yourself. Taking care of your needs both spiritually and physically is a balancing act you want to achieve now. 

Cancer: You can always bring an unexpected twist or insight to anything you set your mind to and your focus is on improving or making the best out of a current situation now. Your recent creativity and increased sense of enjoyment is enhanced by a sincere appreciation coming from others. You can reap the rewards from past efforts whilst there’s strong support for your ambitions and goals. Remember though that not everyone is ready to make those moves at exactly the same time as you. Your vision is probably far reaching and others may not see the bigger picture exactly as you do.

Leo: The inward focus and quiet time of the last few weeks is paying off now. A new energy directs you towards achieving something of value and puts you back in the full flow of life events. The Full Moon marks the end of an anxious time. Now you can see what was holding you back. You’re able to secure your position, know what the limits are, and move forward. You’ve created a firm foundation to build on so now decide how you can make it work to your benefit. Injured pride and misunderstandings are a result of people taking themselves too seriously, so try not to be one of them.

Virgo: The coming Full Moon is the culmination of energies from the past two weeks so now you can push on toward whatever goals you have in mind. Whilst you have this current mood compelling you, it’s a good time to reach for something different and exciting. You want to improve your position and are willing to take advice or seek extra knowledge. There maybe additional details, communications or travelling to attend to but keep your focus on the bigger picture. Backed up by so much strong energy you are likely to feel an incredible drive to accomplish and achieve in life.

Libra: This Full Moon you’ll have the impulse to do something quite liberating. Having considered what’s worth keeping and what’s just a drain on your resources you’ll want to make some space in your life. You find yourself thinking about your needs in relationship to the others in your life as new thoughts inspire you and send you off in a different direction. Consider how much your physical needs and personal assets are tied up with others. Ensure there is a balance there so no one feels overly indebted. This burst of freedom will do you good and make it easier to keep things in perspective.

Scorpio: With the Full Moon focus on your house of relationships and the Sun in your sign, it’s no surprise that you want to take a close look at your personal associations. You’re tempted to let go of anything you believe to be holding you back or simply uninspiring. You may also be torn between neglecting individual or personal concerns in favour of a more active social life. Doubts fade into the background as a new sense of self, a more assertive personal style and a more dynamic approach to life emerges now. Your relationships need to reflect this energy and those that don’t may suffer.

Sagittarius: This month’s Full Moon finds you considering your responsibilities and essential security. Dealing with the mundane aspects of your daily routine now will be more than repaid later. You’ll have an increased ability to make your dreams a reality soon enough. Any effort on your part to improve your health, diet, and physical condition will pay off. Your practical sense is enhanced and you can make difficult decisions affecting your material welfare. Being of service to others or taking on extra responsibilities now will prove to have been an investment in your own future in the long run. 

Capricorn: You want to fully realise your dreams and this Full Moon is time for putting on a show. Any attempt to put into practice your hopes and ambitions will pay dividends. Your tendency to compromise and settle for less than you are capable of can be a problem. Tension results when you ignore your own desires for achievement or acknowledgement. This is a very creative phase so allow yourself time to be playful with any new ideas and inspiration you experience. You may then find that you’re actually on course, full steam ahead, for getting to where you want to be. 

Aquarius: The Full Moon shines on your home and private life, which can be very satisfying right now. Your feelings and need for security may find you seeking seclusion for a while or losing yourself in past memories. Events make it difficult to reach clear decisions concerning career and life direction. However, it’s a good time to gather your resources around you so you can reach new levels. Circumstances may urge you on to make a greater effort. But don’t overdo things or try to go too far too fast. Despite appearances things are working with, rather than against, you so don’t get overwhelmed. Let things take their natural course. 

Pisces: This Full Moon is the perfect time to act on any impulse to improve your self. You may have plans to take up some study or make a journey. Even just mixing with people who are culturally different to you or exploring new ideas will prove worthwhile. A career opportunity or the chance to impress someone of importance is likely during this phase. Giving extra attention to details and keeping up with everyday business could be time consuming but you can make the small things add up to contribute to the larger plan. Feeling good about yourself and what you are doing with your time enhances your sense of wellbeing. 

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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