The colour of calmness and dreams?

Painting a room or painting the whole house? Where to start? What colours? What combinations? Maybe we can help. 

We have looked around the world of interior designers to see what is trending, what’s fading away, and what might be hot for 2020. One thing is for sure, the recent trend for greys appears to be fading away with a renewed demand for earthy notes, muted pastels and more complex and earthy neutrals. 

What kind of combinations create that soothing place to think or that calming environment to dream in? Picking out the right paint can cause a lot of anxiety and not a few disagreements. It is always best to have a plan. Paint isn’t permanent and starting out with some test strips can make all the difference. What kind of colours go together in the light available? How do different colours fit with your furniture and carpets? What’s your budget? 

There are now wide ranges of light neutrals on the market, which are warmer and more complex. From kilns to fennels, muslins to cinders, neutrals now come in varying shades from pure to subtle. Offsetting these with darker and bolder neutrals or accent colours can introduce a whole new character to well worn homes. Working these together can produce spaces that have endless personality. One of our bolder favourites, Okra by Dulux, brings something of the ocean and the forest to any wall or space. 

Ronan O’Connor’s Irish paint brand, Colourtrend, is a popular choice for finding the elusive colours of the Irish landscape: simple and mysterious, everyday and precious. From the hues of Ireland’s earth and sky and waters, to its wild flora and native fauna, this ever growing range is one of our favourite Irish-inspired collections. 

A clever use of contrast offers richer spaces and deep character. A good tip is to observe those places we love to spend time in – your favourite restaurant, a local boutique – they probably are using colours you are drawn to already. 

We also think we are going to see more pinks than ever before. It may be a sign of our times, but this colour, once reserved for nurseries, is getting released into all areas of homes. Look out for modern and sophisticated incarnations like Ballet Slipper and Soft Pink, from the Fleetwood Popular Colours Collection.

In general, we seem to be moving away from plain whites and greys and heading for colour. Younger designers are bringing new design choices to interiors. Generation Z designers are bringing bolder imaginations with their preferences for oranges and yellows, blues and greens. It may be that as the environment plays more and more on our minds, we might be looking to bring in the vivid magic of nature from the ocean, the sky and the forests. These vibrant natural colours might echo some deeper need to reconnect with the world around us. 

There is much to think about. What do colours mean to us? Why do some induce states of calm and make us feel at home in our homes? What ones leave us cold and alienated?   

What do we think? Abandon the greys – we see enough days with grey clouds. Embrace the pink – think nurturing calmness and warm playfulness. Introduce some darker neutrals – Aston Greens or Baltic Blues or Colourtrend’s Inkwell, a dark rich evening blue – open up some spaces to these deeper characters. Get back to nature and embrace the natural colours of not just the earth, but of the sea and sky – faint intimations might be all you need. 

And look beyond creams and beiges. Embrace the new. Most importantly, have fun and try out some tester pots of colours. You’ll never know how any colour looks until you see it on your own walls. And if you make a mistake – just paint over it!

Colourtrend, Dulux & Fleetwood Ranges are available at West Cork Building Supplies – Clonakilty 

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