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We live in interesting times. That is without a doubt. With the publication of the Government’s climate action report, Ireland is steering towards a new future. One where there are challenges, but also where there are opportunities. 

New regulations are coming later this year that will govern not just the building of new homes but the retrofitting of existing homes and where there are challenges, there are opportunities. But where do you start?

Oisin McGivern is West Cork Building Supplier’s expert when it comes to building from the ground up. Everything you need under the roof of your new home is here under their roof. For over 25 years, they have been working with builders, architects and customers to design and supply everything needed to turn the idea of a house into reality. 

“You could say that we have built a lot of West Cork.”  Oisin lays out plans on his desk and explains the process of taking an architect’s plans through to the engineer’s stage. “With the increased emphasis on regulation and compliance, we want to make it as easy as possible for builders and engineers. We prepare full schematas as required. This ultimately makes life easier for the new or existing homeowners. It is a complicated business but one we have years of experience in doing it the right way.”

“With a new build, you can come to us and we’ll help design the energy system for the house from the ground up.”

Energy is a complicated and expensive business. We all want to use less and conserve more. No one wants their heating bills to be going literally through the roof or up in smoke.  

“Heat pumps are an excellent option for new builds. We provide the full system from the unit itself to the underfloor heating and the radiators and cylinders. This is becoming a really popular choice for new homes. It saves costs on energy. It creates a brilliant uniform heat in the home. And it’s good for the environment. It also complies with new regulations.”

“There are two things about West Cork Building Supplies.” Oisin says. “We supply everything you need from the foundation up to your roof. That’s top to bottom. But just as importantly, we provide service that follows the same principle. We work with our customers from the start all the way through to providing 24hour/7 day backup. We chose our suppliers, like Joule, because of the quality of their products and the guarantees and warranties they provide. These need to be airtight as well!”

Heat pumps, cylinders, radiators, boilers, wood burners, solar panels and everything else are all under one roof – this is the place where short cuts are never taken. 

The roof over your family’s head for decades to come starts with good foundations and in West Cork Building Supplies, you’ll find experts like Oisin who will guide you through one of the biggest projects of anyone’s life – building your house and home. 

WCP Staff

WCP Staff Writer

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