Solace Holistic Centre supports the healing journey

At the core of Solace Holistic Centre are client specific treatments tailored to support a person on their healing journey. The treatments at the Centre are aimed to support and provide comfort to the whole person and not just one part of the person.

Therapists Joyce O’ Sullivan and Sarah Forristal have a wealth of experience and their treatments incorporate Massage, Reflexology, Cranial Massage and Nutritional Therapy with Combination packages to suit everyone’s needs.

It is important to take into account how one part of us such as neck pain can affect another part of us, such as the inability to get a comfortable night’s sleep, which in turn may lead to an increased sugar and carbohydrate intake, which can have adverse affects on the body, both physically and emotionally.

How do we establish a client’s needs in Solace to make our treatments Client Specific? This is done through consultation, conversation and listening to what the person’s body is feeling or has been feeling over recent weeks/months. There are many signs that it is time to seek out a therapist, and these signs shouldn’t be avoided; and one of the main ones is pain, followed with tiredness and a general feeling of discomfort in the physical and emotional body. If we avoid listening to what our body physically or emotionally is trying to tell us this will not only have a negative affect on our own self but can impact our surrounding life; such as our relationships both personally with family and professionally with work colleagues. But in all honestly the most negative effect of ignoring the signs is on your own self. We only have one body that we live in daily and if this is ‘out of sorts’, then how can it be comfortable to live within the body and really be living and enjoying life to our full capacity.

Solace is here to provide a safe, supportive space, we all have the ability to find more ease in our bodies and we are here to provide you with the time, treatments and knowledge to do this. 

A combination of therapies insures that more that one aspect of your body’s healing process is targeted. Through Massage we work at manipulating the physical muscular structure of the body and through Reflexology the image of the whole person is reflected on the foot, similar to acupressure it works on enhancing the body’s vital energy through stimulating points on the feet. 

We have two new combination packages now available in Solace, the first is ‘Nutrition and Reflexology Combo’ now available with Sarah, this combination includes four sessions, and is specific to your needs, no two people are the same and so no two sessions are the same. This combination allows for more specific work to be done, for example around digestive issues and hormonal imbalances from the inside out. The second is ‘Solace Cranial Massage Combo’; this incorporates face, head, upper shoulders and neck massage where the client feels relief through the whole body by having key points in the face, head and shoulders worked on. The benefits include, calming of the central nervous system, releasing tension in the scalp and face, improved skin circulation, reduced neck tensions. For more details on either of this combinations, visit our website or contact us to identify what is the right treatment for you.

Life can place havoc on our central nervous system, which can have a negative affect on how we function in our daily lives. Taking a step to make a change in your life may feel like the biggest challenge ever but it’s important to know that when your body is functioning to it’s full healthy capacity there is no reason why the steps to change can’t get easier. Trust that whatever you are going through you are strong enough to deal with. It may be uncomfortable but we are only presented in life what we are strong enough to cope with, learn from and grow.

For more information on our new packages and therapy sessions please visit our website or contact us on 0879510554

Warm wishes for the year ahead – Joyce and Sarah.

WCP Staff

WCP Staff Writer

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