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We all want to keep moving fit and healthy throughout our lives whether we are keen sportsmen or just want to be able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air or move easily without pain.

Human movement is a complex system and when we start to look at how this really works, we begin to realise that a small imbalance in this complex system can cause pain and discomfort or lack of performance.

This system needs a huge amount of information form sensors in our eyes, ears, skin, muscles, tendons, joints and our reflexes to be working properly. It turns out that very little of our movement is under conscious control. After the initial signal from your brain, even apparently simple movements like walking or picking up a cup of tea are reliant on your senses and reflexes.

By assessing if your reflexes are working properly with a thorough and systematic assessment to identify any weakness, we can, with appropriate treatment, help you to become stronger and more robust. 

Three of the most important factors in your ability to move well are:

The Myotactic reflex, which is often called the knee jerk reflex and will be familiar to anyone who has sat in a doctors office and had their knee tapped with a hammer and noticed how their foot involuntarily flies forward.

The Withdrawal Reflex protects us from standing on sharp objects or touching something hot by causing us to pull away from the damaging sensory input. It is also the reflex that is in action when we are being tickled.

The Law of Reciprocal Inhibition recognises the body’s innate ability to contract one muscle group, whilst extending the opposing muscle.

The easiest muscles to use as an example are the biceps and triceps, the muscles that move the elbow. Whenever we bend our elbow, the bicep contracts. As the bicep is contracting, messages are sent to the opposing tricep muscle to temporarily reduce its tone. The bicep is said to be facilitated, the tricep inhibited.

There are a number of things that can impair this system whether it be previous injury, misalignments in your spine, nutritional deficiency or even jewellery and dental work.

In my clinic, I spend time assessing the responsiveness of your reflexes and looking for muscle inhibition because we can then use this knowledge to reverse engineer a solution and help you make better choices with sports, exercise or you daily life.

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