Lighten your energy footprint and energy bill by using cellulose attic insulation

For  anyone who wants to make their home more energy efficient but is lacking the funds for a large investment, cellulose fibre insulation offers one of the simplest, most cost-effective solutions to saving energy in the home to the best achievable standard. Cork based company Ecocel uses cellulose fibre insulation, a safe, eco-friendly and superior quality insulation made from recycled newspapers.

According to SEAI, approximately 20-30 per cent of heat within the home can be lost through the roof so insulating your attic properly can massively reduce heat loss and save you money.

Researchers have proven that cellulose, installed without any air tightness measures, can improve air tightness up to nine per cent.

With the current generous grants available from SEAI, now is the ideal time for homeowners to insulate their attic properly. Attic insulation grants range from €800 for an apartment up to €1500 for a detached house.

Cellulose insulation is the obvious choice for those wanting cost-effective and better insulation while keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum.

Ecocel has a neutral carbon footprint, as it consumes very little energy in the manufacturing process and has limited transport needs. All of its paper is collected locally and the insulation is made here in Ireland. 

Imported mineral wools can only absorb moisture – they can’t release it. “So there’s more chance of mould in the house, which is a health issue, whereas cellulose, a natural fibre, can take in and release moisture, thereby improving air quality in the house,” explains John Egan of Ecocel.

Cellulose will also last the lifespan of a building without vapour check unlike glass and mineral wools.

WCP Staff

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