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One of the perks of working here in Organico is all the new and wonderful products we get to taste and test. This month, I asked some of the Organico Team what their favourite products are at the moment – here’s their tried and tested selection.

Eithne says: “My favourite product is Spoonful Botanicals, recently featured on Nationwide, which is a blend of herbs, spices and fermented fruits made in Co Louth. It contains 14 herbs and spices including turmeric, ginger, black pepper. I put it in my porridge every morning, or sometimes have it with eggs. And it tastes great, with a mix of the sweetness of the raisins and the spices.”

Santhe says: “My most recent favourite product is Viridian Blackseed Oil, a powerful beauty supplement that helps to support healthy glowing skin and strong healthy hair. You can take it internally for glowing skin and strong hair and nails, and I also use it as a face oil and add a few drops of lavender and rose essential oils.”

Dee says: “At the moment I’m loving One Nutrition Joint Factor. With super anti-inflammatory Boswellia (ancient precious resin, better known as Frankincense), avocado, nettle and glucosamine, my peri-menopausal joints stay eased and mobile. These lovely ingredients are also really good for my skin, so this is a wonderful all-round supplement, and made by an Irish Company as well.”

Fleur says: “My current favourite DIY Skincare product is Fushi Organic Handmade Shea butter, which I use all over my body – it’s unscented so good for sensitive skin. It’s also whipped, so it’s easy to apply and very nourishing and hydrating.”

Hannah says: “I’m currently taking a lot of Vitamin C, both internally and externally. Internally, apart from it’s immune boosting powers, vitamin C is a great stress buster – Patrick Holford says that goats, who produce their own vitamin C, make huge amounts of it when they are in stressful situations. So I’m taking either a shot of Liposomal C or 2 grams of powdered Biocare C in my drinking bottle each day. 

Externally, I’m loving the Trilogy Vitamin C range, in particular the serum, which is lovely to use and I think it’s great to counteract the damage the sun is doing to my skin. It’s brightening and moisturising at the same time. The newest additions, the Eye Cream and the Polishing Powder are both delightful to use. For the summer, I also love Trilogy’s Vital Moisturiser with SPF – it’s a light yet nourishing cream and my skin just drinks it in.”

Ailbhe says: “My favourite product is The Cultured Food Company’s Organic Juniper Berry Raw Sauerkraut. It’s crisp and fresh for the summer season and I love to pair it with avocado toast. It has also got super tummy-loving benefits to help keep your gut in check and give you a boost of good bacteria.”

Fleur says: “I like Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil – it’s light and easy to take, doesn’t repeat or taste fishy and has a nice light lemon flavour. And it seems to be very effective – recently I found myself watching TV without my glasses for an hour!”

NKD Erythritol
(sugar Substitute)
Christine says: “My favourite product at the moment is NKD Living’s Erythritol, which is fabulous for baking and doesn’t affect your blood sugars. It’s ideal for diabetics, or anyone who wants to be on a low sugar diet but still wants some sweet treats. I have been checking my blood sugar after eating treats I make with erythritol and it doesn’t go up, which is great, and it’s healthy too”.

Our team includes Eithne, our Office Manager; Santhe, who previously worked in the Cafe and is a wonderful massage therapist; Ailbhe who is studying nutrition and Dee, who is a Somatics Therapist and an advisor in the shop; Fleur, our Shop manager and Senior Advisor; and me.

Organico Shop is open Monday – Saturday from 9.30am – 6pm, closed Sundays and bank Holidays. Our Cafe is currently closed. Our online shop is available on www.organico.ie and you can reach us for queries on online@organico.ie.

Hannah Dare

Hannah Dare co-runs Organico, the café, bakery and health shop in Bantry, West Cork.

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