Ahead of the centenary of the death of Michael Collins later this year, the site of his fall at Béal na Bláth will undergo a much needed upgrade. Cork County Council is spearheading an enhancement of the historic site where people have gathered every August to honour ‘The Big Fella’. […]

Living abroad has brought a deepening need for connection to home for photographer Aoife Casey, whose last series of photographs ‘Glimpses of Erin’ stemmed from a fascination with Ireland’s past. Inspired by the historical events surrounding Ireland’s fight for Independence, as well as Thomas MacDonagh’s poem ‘Wishes For My Son, […]

Everything in our world is cyclic. Like the seasons modes of human expression revolve, recapitulate, renew. The greatest fallacy of the contemporary art world is that art is on a constant path of ‘progress’, via radical deconstruction and conceptual evolution. But art is not technology. It is not a laptop […]

Gallery Asna (the newly named Clonakilty Arts Centre gallery) is kicking off 12 months of exciting exhibition programming with two exhibitions of analogue photography in January and February.  Local photographer Thady Trá will firstly be showcasing new work developed and printed in his Clonakilty Arts Centre studio. This will be […]

Trev Burke, the creator of the Happy Attic Stories, a collection of fun books for young readers, struggled with reading and writing when he was growing up. What Trev was told was a low IQ did in fact turn out to be severe dyslexia, undiagnosed until he was in college. […]