Artist Fiachra Crowley’s striking ceramic pieces are beautiful in their simplicity. Working primarily in ceramic, Fiachra makes functional stoneware pieces, as well as contemporary artworks, which are finished in box frames. He strives to make pieces which have the ability to fit into a simple modern environment, adding an element […]

Although the Irish Civil War ended in May 1923, Republican prisoners remained in jails across the country. To protest against their interment without trial, many IRA prisoners went on hunger strike in the autumn of 1923. Pauline Murphy has researched one of their number, Staff Officer of the IRA Cork No.1 […]

One of the most remarkable processions of recent years in West Cork was the first Samhain festival in Clonakilty in 2017: to the beat of drums fantastic masked figures with long gilded trumpets loomed out of the dusk and the mist into the yellow haloed lights of Wolfe Tone Street. […]

Hailing from Crumlin on the outskirts of Dublin city, Richard Egan who performs under the moniker ‘Jape’ released his latest album ‘Endless Thread’ on September 29. With a rake of ‘instore’ sessions booked around the country in early October to promote the release, followed by a tour of Ireland’s hottest […]