“The challenges of learning more about her story and her impact as a cultural icon have given her even more significance….”Megan Phelps Anyone who has ever taken a CPR course will be familiar with the plastic mannequin used to teach the life-saving technique. CPR has become a mandatory element of […]

“So I chastised a great multitude of men and women with the lash of starvation and, alas! was the cruel murderer of many thousands….” – William the Conqueror William the Conqueror is most notably known for being the King that triumphed at the Battle of Hastings. In 1066 William and […]

“I do think it’s worth pointing out that epidemics of dancing had always been very rare – a big gap, for example, between the 1370s and 1518; so perhaps it is not all that surprising that the events in Strasbourg were not repeated soon after.” – John Waller With the […]

West Cork People history columnist Shane Daly is currently working as a schoolteacher in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Back in May, Shane gave us an insight into life under curfew in the UAE during the pandemic. Now all business and schools in Abu Dhabi are operating, albeit […]

Last month the documentary ‘Unquiet Graves’ by Seán Murray aired on Irish television. The film took four years to make and two years of relentless questioning and pressure by Mr. Murray before RTÉ commissioned it to air, as the broadcaster felt the information contained within was too sensitive for the […]