The effects of music to our wellbeing are known to be far-reaching, from reducing anxiety and pain to improving memory and mood. Who hasn’t thrown on a tune on a grey winter’s day and felt the better for it? Going a step further in actually making music, particularly in a […]

Renowned for his finger-tapping and slapping virtuoso guitar style and soulful vocals, Jon Gomm uses a single acoustic guitar to create a multi-layered sound involving drum, bass and melodies, drawing on a range of influences from rock to flamenco. The English singer-songwriter and acoustic solo performer, best known for his […]

Growing up in Monterrey, the second largest city in Mexico and an industrial metropolis, Sonia Viridiana Castro lived a very different lifestyle back then to the one she married into in West Cork 11 years ago. Today Sonia runs an organic growing business and Veg Box scheme with her husband […]

A restoration project on the banks of the Arigideen River is breathing new life into what has been identified as the best preserved mill in Cork County – the only one out of 500 in the county still in working order – and one of Ireland’s top five, recognised internationally […]

With the purchase of a piece of land ten years ago, Aga Mitka’s life changed irrevocably. Setting foot on the eight-acre site, give or take, in the hills of Inchigeelagh at the edge of a Gaeltacht, the Polish born Cork city-dwelling biologist, now 47, tells Mary O’Brien how she felt […]

Dave and Tina Louks have never looked back since they were given their first foster care placement in 1996. Over the past 27 years, despite the challenges thrown at them by life and the system, the couple have opened up their home and their hearts to a steady stream of […]