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Cork-based production company Wombat Media will be launching an innovative virtual reality documentary set on Cape Clear Island this August Bank Holiday Weekend, as part of the Skibbereen Arts Festival.

Wombat Media is a video production studio specialising in factual and narrative film and screen content. Made up of Ciara Buckley (Marketing Manager), a native of Castletownshend and Dave Slowo (Content Producer), their story began when working on an outback television project in Central Australia. They have dreamt of starting their own video production company in Ireland ever since. Wombat Media are based in Cork and produce compelling content far and wide. (

Wombat Media are extremely enthusiastic in engaging with new technologies and have been keen for a long time now to work in the Virtual Reality (VR) and immersive filmmaking space. Ciara was successful in securing funds from a Creative Ireland County Cork Grant Scheme this year and she along with Dave are producing a first of its kind VR documentary filmed on Cape Clear Island. Participants will experience an immersive journey to the island by wearing a VR headset and being able to meet the characters and visit the landscapes of Cape Clear in with a spectacular 360 degree perspective view.

Leaving the Irish mainland from Baltimore, VR participants will virtually embark on the Cape Clear Ferry. Throughout this vibrant documentary, a journey across to Ireland’s most Southerly inhabited community, local stories and characters emerge. The history and folklore of Cape Clear is generously shared with laughter and song. Locals describe the depth of culture and language embedded within the Gaeltacht and the significance of the ferry service itself.

Local guides, such as Micheál Ó Céadagáin, bring these breathtaking views and sites to life. Sharing in Irish, the significance and embedded histories of these places with the viewer. We also experience a special visit to one of the Island’s Bronze Age treasures – two standing stones. Here Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil takes us back in time to explore the history and folklore surrounding these ancient stones.

A highlight of the trip is back on board the boat, this time circling the monumental Fastnet Rock. Also known as Ireland’s teardrop, a landmark symbol of the last glimpse of home for millions of Irish immigrants setting off for new horizons. Local guides share the oral histories relating to the Fastnet from the ferry. Participants will be mesmerised by the hidden treasures shared in this journey and will be left looking forward to the opportunity of stepping foot onto Cape Clear, next time in the flesh.

The documentary experience will be launched as part of the Skibbereen Arts Festival. Visitors can view the documentary wearing state of the art VR headsets at the tourist office from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday August 3.

A Trip to Cape Clear will be available to view at the Cape Clear Island Museum and Archive on August 11, 12-4pm (Dr Éamon Lankfort will speak about the project at 3.15pm to) and also as part of Heritage week 2019 at Skibbereen Library from August 20 – 24 (midday to 5.30pm).

For more information and press enquiries please contact Ciara Buckley – 087 281 4305 and follow the Facebook site: ‘Island Ferry Tales’ for more information leading up to the launch.

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