October Sun Signs

October is a decisive month in Astrological terms. There is likely to be many shifts and changes along with unexpected or surprising events as new information is revealed. The next few weeks may take you on a bit of a journey as you keep pace with the “changing tides of fortune” but by the month end choices will have been made and these will have the effect of determining your experience in the following weeks and into 2021.  The two heavyweight planets that have been the signature of 2020,  Saturn and Pluto, finally turn to move forwards once more and allow a shift in the current astrological dynamic.

We start with a Full Moon on the 1st  in Aries which is the culmination of the last two weeks. Situations of conflict and opposing attitudes have been highlighted all around us, on a personal and global level. Saturn finally came out of it’s retrograde phase on September 29th and Pluto goes direct again on 4th October.  Their current positions echo back to early January and important questions need to be addressed now. Saturn poses the question “Who is going to take responsibility for your life and your welfare?”  Whilst Pluto asks the question “What or who has the power and control in this situation?”  

Where were you placed in life at the beginning of 2020? So far this year we’ve been forced to continually revise plans, review objectives and reset priorities.  Your previous decisions were most likely based on what you believed to be reality. But a true picture of reality begins to emerge this month. You will probably have to re-align your personal trajectory and consider the long term view in a new light.

Saturn has been in Capricorn since December 2017 and will not come back here until 2047. During these recent Capricorn years we have had to take a closer look at the very foundation of our lives. The structures the systems and what we have relied on for stability. During the remaining months of 2020 we need to integrate the lessons we have learned. 

You can ask ask yourself “How do I want my life to proceed now, based on what I have learned since January?”   It’s time to do something.  It’s time for you to commit to your path!

By the 4th October all three major planets in Capricorn are going to be moving towards Aquarius. Slow moving Pluto will take until 2024 to get there, but the upcoming Jupiter Saturn conjunction at the Solstice in December marks the start of the next social era. The October shift is a significant step towards the transfer of our current system from the hierarchical one we have known, described by Capricorn, into a new egalitarian system, described by Aquarius. 

Whilst we still have Mars in Aries making a difficult and challenging angle to the Capricorn planets, it gets too uncomfortable to simply remain compliant with the current situation. But there can be false starts and frustrations. With Mars also in the retrograde phase there is no quick fix or short term solution. It’s no longer an option to stand waiting for other people to make the moves or the choices. Even if you are seeing clearly what needs to be done it’s going to take until mid November before you can really take positive action.  Use this time to decide on your desired path and what you wish to create. Envisage it coming to fruition. Focus on how you can act in small ways to achieve your aspirations.

The other big feature this month is a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio from 14th to 3rd November. This can bring us news of hidden facts and secrets. There may be a lot of backtracking on what was previously claimed. On 22nd as the Moon passes over Jupiter Saturn and Pluto it can stir up all the issues surrounding the themes these planets represent. The Moon then passes Mars on 29th which can add some heat to the emotions and mood. The Full Moon on 31st will trigger the freedom loving planet, Uranus. Also known as the “great awakener” Uranus is in Taurus from early 2019 to 2026 and during these years we are radically reinventing what we value and the very concept of ownership or possession. This applies to what we need to provide a state of mental, emotional and physical  health, including our social connections, financial standing and access to the natural environment. 

With the Sun in Scorpio there is always a question about what is real and what is not. Whatever remains hidden or mysterious can potentially be a threat and the Scorpio solution is to shine the light squarely on it to reveal  its true nature. With this Sun Moon opposition combining with Uranus at Full Moon, we can expect to get some unexpected revelations that could be shocking or liberating and possibly both. 

October has a Full Moon at 10° Aries on the 1st  at 10.05pm and New Moon is at 24° Libra on the 16th at 8.31pm.  We have a second Full Moon this month at 9° Taurus on the 31st at 2.49pm

Aries: With the Full Moon in your sign you are likely to be a glowing example of both vitality and attractiveness. Let your personality truly shine and you can expect to have a powerful impact on your surroundings through your moods and feelings. You may be seen as over-emotional or sentimental, but you know how to provide a truly nurturing environment for others. You’re motivated to show how much concern and care you have for them now. Bring any critical personal projects to a conclusion whilst you have the energy required to satisfy your own high standards. 

Taurus: You need to withdraw from the world from time to time and commune with nature or your inner feelings. During this Full Moon you are extremely sensitive to your environment and could spend a lot of time enveloped in a very private emotional world. Ideally create a place of your own which is sacred to you where you can be alone. In this private retreat, you can become aware of your many dreams and longings. Try to work more consciously with the inner world of your imagination through creative work or meditative practice for a few days.

Gemini: You have the desire for strong bonds with your friends and you are extremely sensitive to how they treat you over the Full Moon. You are both caring and concerned for their personal development, but easily hurt if they let you down in any way. Ensure that you spend time only with people that elevate and support you. Disconnect from the daily grind and tap into your lighter side for a while. Count your blessings and remember that enjoyment of the good life is more about your own sense of well being, not money, friendship or possessions.

Cancer: You have a strong sense of duty and you can feel that your role is primarily to live up to family or social expectations over this Full Moon. You may have been striving to achieve some predefined  goals and you want the recognition now. Over the coming days you can reach out for what you want for yourself. Stand in the spotlight whilst acting the part of your unique self in all your glory. Ensure you take time out to wave your own flag and get noticed for your contribution before a new surge of personal creativity rolls in. 

Leo: Think big and stretch your imagination this Full Moon. In the past you will have unconsciously been affected by the convictions and values of those close to you. The powerful need for a strong belief to hold on to that is solid and true for you demands your attention now.  During these few days as your interest in philosophical and spiritual areas is heightened use the time to expand your inner window on the world and break new ground. The feeling of suddenly having understood something can have you wondering now what to do with it all, but that will take care of itself down the line.

Virgo: Over this Full Moon your experiences will confirm that you must not depend on other people or your possessions to provide emotional security for you. This could be a very transformative few days when you might unearth resources within yourself that you were previously unaware of. Allow yourself to stand aside for a moment and recognise where any deals and contracts have tied up your energy. You no longer need to rely on certain items or belongings as you become more emotionally stable. Clear out any useless things you’ve been hoarding, the sense of freedom will do you good.

Libra: With the Sun shining in your own sign and the Full Moon focus on your relationships you have difficulty distinguishing between your own feelings and the people closest to you. Tune in to yourself, and allow your partner or close friends to have their moods without imagining they always have something to do with your own actions. Connecting with others in a special moment can be enjoyed when close allies or partners become your focus but you could be thinking that you have all got a little too involved or caught up with each other recently and soon you’ll need to stand back. 

Scorpio: You may waste too much energy on menial tasks, thus getting distracted from the broader visions in your life during this Full Moon. You are likely to make yourself indispensable through being of service to the physical needs of others, and generally happy to take on a lot of tasks – both in your career and around the house. If you are not careful however, other people will take advantage of you. Now though you should be really getting things together for yourself whilst you can keep the focus on the details. Once done, you’ll be able to stand back and take pride in your accomplishments. 

Saggitarius: Spontaneity is the keyword for you this Full Moon and it’s time to loosen up and have some fun. Taking the lead and making some bold statements is also an option. Going just a little bit over the top will be acceptable now as this is a general time of celebration for all. Passion and intensity can run rampant as your enthusiasm overflows so get creative with your energy. You have a strong emotional need for some romantic encounters but you do know how to nurture and maintain the romance in an existing relationship too. So go the extra mile and enjoy!   

Capricorn: This Full Moon you might find you needing to spend more time at home and you can find great pleasure in looking after children or family, cooking, making home improvements etc. You feel very sensitive to the moods of others, especially if you share your personal space. Although you’ll be strongly motivated to create a caring and secure environment, a crowd can be claustrophobic. You can get on each other’s nerves. This is a time to acknowledge the comfortable and familiar environment that supports you. Draw on it as a source of strength but avoid being over dominant or demanding.

Aquarius: Any trying or difficult emotional experiences you have this Full Moon result from having strong differences of opinion with someone you have to deal with every day. When you argue your case you are easily swayed by irrational arguments and emotions. Could it be that everybody is trying to get their message through but no one is listening? Try not to get distracted whilst you tie up important loose ends and meet deadlines. You need to keep some time for a new project or mental challenge. You could be making plans for travelling or starting a new class or training programme.

Pisces: This Full Moon will find you focusing on your personal resources and economic fluctuations. You can be a very kind and giving person but you also need to feel secure. Being a little more concerned with your financial status now is probably a good thing although some people may view you as unusually materialistic and possessive. This is a time to cash in on some of your hard earned investments and name your price for your efforts. Be confident in your skills and abilities and turn them to good use now as others will notice and reward you later. 

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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