May Sun Signs

May is a busy month and it may even be a merry month for some. Bealtaine marks midway between the equinox and the solstice, indicating we are well on the way to midsummer. The true astronomical date of this cross-quarter day is the fifth of this year. Many of the standing stone rows or circles have markers for the sunrise or sunset on these significant Solar dates. The theme of fertility, symbolic union and abundance is still celebrated in many places with bonfires, maypole dancing and other pageants that involve community gatherings, feasting and much merrymaking of all kinds. 

There is a noticeable shift in the energy, as Jupiter makes a move into Pisces, its own sign, mid-month. Another planet coming ‘home’ is Mercury, as it slips into Gemini on May 4 and, due to the retrograde, it stays in this sign until early July. Venus also spends the month in Gemini after May 9.

Saturn starts a retrograde phase from May 23 and we have the first eclipse of the year, a total Lunar event on May 26.

With all this to integrate, we are off to a flying start in the first week. The recent conjunctions of Mercury, Sun and Venus to Uranus, the planet of change and freedom, carries this energy forwards as an unsettled and rebellious undercurrent when Mercury connects with Pluto on May 2, then Jupiter on May 3. Venus following in its footsteps does the same on the May 6 and 8. This theme brings communications right to the top of the agenda. 

The month may start out with a few surprises and unexpected tidbits of information being leaked or announced. The pace of conversation picks up as Mercury the fast-paced planet of communication and connections slips into Gemini. This dual sign is symbolised by the ‘twins’ and they seek union and concord. There is the ability to see both sides and have discussion or debate to reach a harmonious position. When Venus joins the Gemini trend, the talking really begins. We may have a more open flow of information or plenty of revelations with alternative viewpoints and possibilities being presented. The retrograde of Mercury at the end of the month means that much of what happens agreed to or arranged, this month will need to be open to revision and review during June. 

The New Moon on May 11 brings that Uranus spark with it and this may create tension and discord in the following weeks if the basic requirements for physical and material comfort or security are in any way compromised. 

The big feel-good story this month is Jupiter moving in to Pisces for the first time since its last visit from January 2010 to January 2011. In the most metaphysical sign, Jupiter can really do its stuff and bring out the best in us. Pisces is all about connection. But the focus is on the spiritual side of life. In Pisces, we get to know about a natural flow and divine order that interconnects our reality. Jupiter seeks the best and highest expression and always aspires to a positive or win-win scenario. The few weeks from mid-May into mid-June give us a taste or preview of what’s to come in 2022, but we have to wait for the full story until after late December because Jupiter turns retrograde after only travelling a couple of degrees into Pisces. 

We have the Lunar eclipse on May 26, which is part of an 18-month Sagittarius Gemini series of eclipses. The focus or effect is often far-reaching and unfolds over many months rather than on the day of the event. This eclipse theme has the beliefs and ideals of Sagittarius the seeker who looks for new ideas and fresh insights combined with the Gemini ability to hold in mind more than one opinion, fact or version of the truth. The Lunar eclipse is a point of release and has the potential to bring a new perspective or version into our experience. We can expect a shift in focus in the following months as events unfold in this direction. 

May has a New Moon at 22 degrees Taurus on May 11 at 7.59pm and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at six degrees Sagittarius on May 26 at 12.13pm. 

Aries: You may receive special attention from your friends and people around you. Maybe it’s time to reassess the relationships you have with the people in your local area. Women, younger people, and your home environment may contribute somehow to improve your financial standings giving you a sense that you have support and back up. This is a good time to respond to new ideas and find a footing on which you can build firm a foundation. You may be gathering your resources, with the desire to act on vital ideas or impulses that you’ve experienced. Projects benefit from nurturing and growth. 

Taurus: Your mind and inspiration focus on questions of finance and material support. You could come up with new ideas relating to money, possessions, values, and potential investments. Friends and family unite to support you. Use that security to turn away from the outer world, focusing now on personal and inner changes. This is a good time to let go of anything that is worn out or unused and only bring what you need into your improved personal life. You may be more concerned with appearances than usual and you’ll come across in a good light in any group or social gathering. New information is delivered, triggering your imagination. 

Gemini: Understanding and generosity from friends or family leaves you feeling more inclusive and ready to dissolve outworn defences. Your efforts to be helpful and give freely of yourself are well rewarded. Put up with minor inconveniences and irritations for the sake of what is really important in your life. Creating a harmonious environment becomes priority. Sacrifices made now will be more than repaid later. This months New Moon helps you appreciate humility and patience as you reach for goals beyond the personal. You have an increased ability to bring things to life and make dreams real. 

Cancer: Community concerns and altruism are highlighted this New Moon. This is a good time for resolutions and solutions. People around you unite to make long-term goals and ideals seem more possible. You may feel inspired to work on long-term and mutually beneficial projects. Even on a solo level you want to put into practice your heartfelt desires and make your dreams a reality. Your business sense is enhanced, and you are able to really focus on what is important when it comes to choices affecting your material welfare. Short term is no longer of interest you. Instead, things of lasting value and with future potential are most appealing.

Leo: There is a lot of support for you to make job-related and practical decisions. Your ambitions could receive encouragement from friends, co-workers, and those around you. This is a time when your practical vision may be at a high. You can see what needs to be done and how to go about doing it. Ambitious goals and projects may benefit from the increased clarity you possess. You become aware that a little self-sacrifice and an understanding attitude on your part could have far-reaching effects on your own life-path and general direction during this time period. Energy invested now could really pay off later.

Virgo: This is a time to concentrate on essentials and to focus on the essence of your situation. ‘Take care of business’ is the key to making the best of this months Moon phase. It’s good time for deep thinking and evaluating what has real value. A lack of superficiality finds you straight to the point. Choices and tough decisions may need to be made. You can expect support and encouragement if you are candid and honest. Perhaps your philosophical and spiritual beliefs need to be rekindled. Now you are only interested in the truth of things and you want this to be the only foundation for your future 

Libra: This month is time for getting down to business, clearing away and discarding non-essentials or even memories of things past. Your situation benefits from some mental or physical housecleaning. Separate the wheat from the chaff, concentrating only on the genuinely important things. You are in an unsentimental mood and this allows you let go of outworn or flimsy goods, ideas or relationships. You can create space in your life for exciting and elevating new experiences. Innovation, inspiration and even unconventional approaches to being productive or making money are all possible now. Your response to life becomes more courageous as you allow this energy to flow once more. 

Scorpio: This New Moon is a very social time for you and you can receive all kinds of support from those around you. You may drop internal concerns in favour of making personal connections. Partnership and co-operation is a strong urge. All relationships are nourished and very much in focus. This is a time for turning away from your personal experiences by responding in a more spiritual and socially minded manner. You can handle your own past, and you want to share, especially by directly relating to others either intimately or through joint ventures. You are able to love and care for both yourself and others. You recognise the value in being part of something bigger than your self. 

Sagittarius: Any recent efforts to improve your health, diet, and physical condition will show results. This is the time for sorting through the experiences of the last several months, separating the worthwhile from the worthless and, in general, salvaging what you can. This is a time of discrimination and possible self-examination and it’s helpful to attend to nagging details, just to get them out of the way and regain your peace of mind. Expect relationships to take up more of your attention now. You may be urged to adopt a more open or impersonal attitude toward yourself or others. Self-acceptance and taking responsibility for your actions are equally important. 

Capricorn: The trend for you this month is to be more creative and expressive. Others may urge you on toward a more self-confident and outgoing attitude. You have had the experience and lived through something important over these last months. Having fun and physical expression is your remedy. Perhaps there is a dawning awareness of who you are now and what you have, which is of real of value. Together with a growing sense of self-discovery you may find yourself very appreciative of your more imaginative qualities. You enjoy expression from the heart and real life dramas. This is time to indulge in the innocent and child-like, simple pleasures of life.

Aquarius: This month the focus is on your home and private life, which could be very rewarding now. A desire desire for security may make you seek seclusion for a time. Reflecting on past memories can bring you to the end of a phase of questioning. You’ve created a solid base to build on and sent down roots. With a new sense of where you stand you can enhance your position. Understanding whatever limits there are you’ll find it’s time to move forward with greater ease. This could be a creative phase for you, in particular regarding ideas, concepts, and expressing or communicating yourself. You can put your experience and feelings into words and may be at your most witty and dramatic.

Pisces: Your ideas, words and ability to communicate works well for you this month and you find needed support or backup from those around you. Your ideas and thoughts may be very deep and rich and memories are especially vivid. You are exploring and searching for new territory on mental and physical levels.  You are busy linking things together, following up connections, making contacts and seeing where the limitations are. You may come full circle and once again decide that you need to work things out on your own, but you’re clearer about the supports you have for when you next reach out to them. 

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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