July Sun Signs

July comes in with a storm and even if this is not reflected in the actual weather, there is certainly an intense energetic background to the first days of this month. Over the last week in June, this energy was building slowly. You may have seen examples of extreme confrontation and a clash of the individual or collective will and desire. Confrontational Mars has been stirring up the undercurrents of Pluto. These two planets can be powerful forces and big shifts can occur when they combine their energy. 

Mars is currently a strong player in our daily dynamic. It’s a planet that wants to get things moving and to make change happen. In its own sign Aries, it is very assertive and can easily activate a military-style strategy to achieve its aims. Pluto is a less obvious force but the power it taps into comes from deep within the human psyche. The challenging square aspect between these two can release tension and push things to extremes. This is a time to see who or what has the real upper hand or holds control in any situation. If you want to clear out old habits, do a detox or quit undesirable conditions, this is the ideal time to muster the willpower to do it.  

Whilst Mars and Pluto use power and force for impact, the combination of Mercury and Neptune brings in the influence of mind and imagination during the same few days of early July. These two planets in a challenging aspect make it hard to separate reality from illusion. Our ability to be reasonable or use rational thought can be overwhelmed by emotionality. We will likely see plenty of heated exchanges where deep feelings are provoked. Some issues may seem critical or of extreme importance right now, but given a bit more time to step back, it may turn out there was a complete overreaction to events. 

As we get into the second week of July things will feel a little cooler emotionally and more mentally focused. Mars moves into steady Taurus and Mercury moves into empathic Cancer on July 5.

The Full Moon on July 13 brings the restructuring power of Pluto into opposition with Mercury and the Sun, both  together in Cancer. Heartfelt and honest communication is the best option to get the more difficult issues out into the open now. If anyone is hiding their true intentions or using emotional manipulation, it will not go well for them in the longer term.

This latter half of July is busy but the deep tension of earlier weeks has lifted. The New Moon on July 28 combines with Jupiter turning retrograde until mid-November. This marks a new phase for any ambitious projects, innovations or ventures that started around early May when Jupiter went into Aries. During the next few months, areas of expansion that may have been surging ahead will have to take this opportunity to assess the progress made so far. As Jupiter moves back towards Pisces there could be moral, spiritual and ethical aspects to consider before forging ahead with determination. Personal or self-centred motives will be hindered whilst the attitude of “might is right” will be questioned in the coming weeks.

July has a Full Moon at 22 degrees Capricorn on July 13 at 7.37pm and a New Moon at 6 degrees Leo on July 28 at 6.55pm

Aries: You may have been striving to achieve some longer term goals and you want the recognition now. Over the coming weeks you can reach out towards your ambitions. Stand in the spotlight whilst you take time to wave your own flag and get noticed for your contribution. The solid foundations you have created will give you confidence to go to the next stage. Your strong sense of duty to those that support you means you give the praise to others where it’s due. Your role is primarily to live up to family or social expectations over this Full Moon. Everyone is cheering you on. 

Taurus: Your interest in philosophical and spiritual issues is heightened this month. The powerful need for a strong belief that is solid and true for you demands your attention now. In the past you will have unconsciously been affected by the convictions and values of those close to you. You can now break out of the less relevant details and expand your inner window on the world to break new ground. Think big and stretch your imagination this Full Moon. Being part of a network of like minds may have been restricting your independence in recent months. It’s important to find your own path and stand by your convictions.

Gemini: This month could be a very transformative time. You unearth resources within yourself that you were previously unaware of. You no longer need to rely on certain items, belongings or even other people as you become more emotionally stable. Over this Full Moon your experiences will confirm that depending on others undermines your ability to provide for yourself. Take time to stand aside for a moment to recognise where any deals, arrangements or contracts have tied up your energy. This sense of freedom will do you good and you’ll easily see how you have already created your own abundance.

Cancer: Early July has the Sun shining in your own sign and the Full Moon focus is on your relationships.  You may have difficulty distinguishing between your own feelings and those of the people closest to you. Tune in to yourself. Allow your partner or close friends to have their own moods. Be careful not to merge your experiences with theirs. It can be too easy to imagine the reaction of others always has something to do with you. If you have already got a little too involved or caught up with each other recently, just take time to stand back now and regroup later this month. 

Leo: This month you can really get things together whilst keeping your focus on the details. You are likely to make yourself indispensable and are happy to take on a lot of tasks to be of service. Once done, you’ll be able to stand back and take pride in your accomplishments. If you are not careful however, other people will take advantage of you during this Full Moon. Don’t end up being the martyr by getting distracted from the broader visions and deeper issues in your own life. Take some time to consider your inner motivations and fundamental needs. 

Virgo: Spontaneity is the theme for you this Full Moon and it’s time to loosen up and have some fun. Taking the lead and making some bold statements is also an option. Don’t let friends or your social group dictate your moves. Going just a little bit over the top will be acceptable as your enthusiasm overflows and you get creative with your energy. You have a strong emotional need for some romantic encounters but you do know how to nurture and maintain the romance in an existing relationship too. So go the extra mile and enjoy! 

Libra: This is a time to acknowledge the comfortable and familiar environment that supports you. This Full Moon you might want to spend more time at home or with your family. You’ll be strongly motivated to create a caring and secure environment, but a crowd can be claustrophobic. Draw on your basic security as a source of strength but avoid being over protective of your private space.  Too many demands from your work colleagues, boss or career goals can find you choosing between withdrawing or having to face a confrontation. Take time out to regenerate then power up for the next surge of productivity. 

Scorpio: Try not to get distracted whilst you tie up important loose ends and meet deadlines. You may want to work towards your real goals and higher aspirations but it’s the basic tasks that take up your attention now. Frustrations can build up but you need to keep some energy for new projects next month. Difficult emotional experiences around this Full Moon can be the result of differing opinions with people in your everyday life. You may clash over beliefs but if you argue your case you could be drawn in to irrational arguments and emotional reactivity. 

Sagittarius: You can be a very kind and giving person but you also need to feel secure. Being a little more concerned with your financial status now is probably a good thing although some people may view you as unusually materialistic and possessive. This Full Moon will find you focusing on your personal resources and economic fluctuations. It’s time to rely on your own skills and talents. Be confident in your abilities and turn them to good use. It’s up to you to name your price for your efforts. Depending too much on others can lead to feeling restricted by their expectations.  

Capricorn: With the Full Moon in your sign you are likely to be a glowing example of both vitality and attractiveness. The full force of your feelings have a powerful impact on your surroundings and the people in your life. You may be seen as over-emotional or sentimental, but you know how to provide a truly nurturing environment for others. You’re motivated to show how much concern and care you have for those you love. Your close relationships can be a source of revelation or illumination and you feel better for seeing what has been unexpressed until now. 

Aquarius: During July you need to withdraw from the world so you can commune with nature and focus on your inner feelings. Ideally create a sacred place of your own where you can be alone. Try to work more consciously with the inner world of your imagination through creative work or meditative practice for a few days. Your everyday responsibilities and duties can become overwhelming if you allow them to dominate your life. This Full Moon allows you time to regenerate and find a balance between spiritual and physical needs. 

Pisces: Disconnect from the daily grind and tap into your lighter side for a while. Ensure that you spend time only with people that elevate and support you. This month you desire strong bonds with your friends and you are extremely sensitive to how they treat you. You want fairness and inclusion. Doing what you love most with the people that you care for has the greatest value over the Full Moon. You get the chance to enjoy the good life this month and know you well being can’t be bought through accumulation of assets or wealth. 

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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