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January is a time for reflection. For those of us looking at returning to the workforce it is an opportunity to decide if we want to do what we’ve always done or venture down a new career path. Erin Kelly Ashworth, an employment facilitator with Employability Service West Cork, gives us ten ways to stay motivated while looking for work:


1. SET OBJECTIVES FOR YOUR JOB SEARCH  – Set aside a specific amount of time for looking for work each week. Do not send a mass of CVs and cover letters. Take time to make your cover letter and CV relevant to the job you are applying for; utilising time more efficiently and strategically.

2. MAKE A TO-DO LIST – Action plans and implementing them allow a sense of control and confidence by achieving our tasks. Keep your goals realistic and achievable.

3. NETWORK – Attend networking events to meet contacts that could be helpful in the industry you are seeking work. Let your family, friends, previous contacts know that you are looking for work so they can let you know of opportunities or recommend you.

4. NURTURE YOURSELF – Do things you enjoy that nourish your mental and physical well-being including keeping up your physical appearance. If you are considering applying for a role, be sure you are dressed appropriately if you are handing in a CV.

5. REGISTER WITH RECRUITMENT AGENCIES – Recruitment agencies are constantly working with employers to fill roles. Make sure they know you are on their radar for matching you with a company that seeks your skill set.

6. MEET WITH EMPLOYABILITY SERVICES – EmployAbility Service West Cork is a free DEASP service that can support people into paid employment. They can provide useful feedback on your CV, provide interview preparation and direction with employers in your areas of interest. Some people will be eligible for their 18-month programme which offers regular meeting to develop confidence, direction and support into the right job.

7. VOLUNTEER – It is often easier to find work when you are in work, this includes volunteer work. This provides a regular routine which will benefit your mental well-being and provide you with purpose while you find your next opportunity. This can also provide a useful local reference, particularly if you have been living away from your current location or if you have had a gap in your work history. This also shows employers you are motivated to work.

8. UPSKILL – Market conditions in the changing much more quickly with the speed of modern technology. Utilise this time to upskill to refresh skills you may not have utilised in a while or get current with the most up to date technology.

If you decide to move into a new area of study, deciding to investing time in a qualification will be time well spent.

9. DON’T TAKE REJECTION PERSONALLY Publicly advertised jobs can receive CVs in the thousands. Since the recession many companies have removed the procedure of sending out rejection letters, as some companies do not see the administrative time to compose, print and send these letters as cost effective.

10. VISUALISE YOUR JOB SEARCH LEADING TO SUCCESS! Stay positive.  Having a positive mantra is more likely to lead to positive results.

Employability Service West Cork assists people who may benefit from support into employment.

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