West Cork therapist pioneers therapy sponsorship program

A West Cork based Counsellor and Psychotherapist is trialing a groundbreaking sponsorship  programme with the aim of facilitating low-cost counselling within private practice.   

As well as providing Counselling and Psychotherapy services, Accredited Psychotherapist and  Supervisor Markus Hohmann offers Clinical Supervision and Case-Consultancy at his practice  ‘The Blue Room – Consulting’ in Bantry.   

Now Markus is hoping to attract philanthropists who, through their ‘silent’ donations, will make counselling services more accessible to people who are otherwise struggling to pay for private services.   

With a possible sponsor already having expressed interest, Markus is hopeful of getting the programme off the ground. 

“The idea is like ‘paying it forward’, so that someone who needs it can benefit,” he explains. “People who had adverse childhood experiences and trauma often struggle disproportionately with financial security. Of course there are the public services but getting into these or staying long enough in them can be difficult at times, or what is available might not meet all the needs of an individual client. The cost of living has gone up for everyone and some people find it hard to make ends meet. Hence the idea of this unique sponsorship model. Many will say that it can’t be done, and maybe they are right, but it must be attempted.”   

There are three categories of sponsorship. Anyone interested in contributing can get on board with a donation of as little as €5 per month. These are classed as Private Sponsors, or ‘silent’ donors (Category 1). Corporate Donors (Category 2) will be able to avail of online promotion and finally Direct Sponsors (Category 3) can fund a known beneficiary. 

Markus explains: “the collected funds will be pooled and selected clients will be part funded.”  

Full confidentiality for the beneficiary is of course guaranteed and all ethical issues are being carefully observed.   

Markus strives to integrate a number of different approaches into his work. He is trained in Biodynamic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and is an accredited Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist. Over time he has moved from the more hands-on approach or Body focused Psychotherapy to combining this with talk therapy. Today his practice is based on Humanistic and Person-centred Psychology and modern Trauma-informed Therapies. 

“In a session for example, not only am I observing the responses in the body but would regularly invite the client to become aware of the physical sensations that often accompany the emotions, as well as their breathing. These mindful techniques can help to self-regulate and integrate the body and mind,” he explains.   

Throughout his career he has at times engaged with other counselling techniques like Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). However his interest lies mainly with Depth-Psychotherapy and trauma work. This includes a practice known as Eye-Movement Desensitisation-and-Reprocessing (EDMR), a trauma-specific technique that has proven to be very very effective when it comes to the actual processing of traumatic experiences.   

Mindfulness is important on a personal as well as professional level to Markus, who explains that Compassion-Focused-Therapy allows him to facilitate a healing process for the Psyche. He uses Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help clients access and heal their protective and wounded inner parts and also regularly works with imagery and dreams. While his interest in spirituality and different traditions and teachings has helped him further his own understanding of certain techniques, overall he uses a very down-to-earth approach in his work, varying the tools he uses to meet specific client needs.   

“My ‘toolbox’ has become quite large over time. Sometimes these ‘tools’ are used in a  blended way in the inquiry and sometimes more specific,” he says.   

“I can’t emphasise enough the importance of integration as part of this work: to bring the different techniques into an organic blend that unfold in the therapy room in a very natural way, not a technical approach.”   

Driven by his curiosity to understand the nature of our minds, wounding and suffering, Markus enjoys engaging in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). “If I benefit from CPD – so do my clients,’ he shares. “It keeps me engaged and inspired most of the time.”   

But it’s the moments of witnessing deep connection with and within the client and the insights that come and bring change, expansion and transformation that are the highlight. “Those moments can be very special and beautiful.”   

With over 24 years of experience in Psychotherapy, Markus’ work as a Supervisor involves guiding and supporting the work of new and experienced therapists. This trusted partnership fosters an environment of reflection, growth, and ultimately, the best possible outcomes for the clients. 

His Case-Consultancy service for individuals and small groups offers experienced practitioners a space in which to explore dilemmas and benefit from a fellow therapist’s experience. 

For more information on Clinical Supervision and Case-Consultancy go to:
www.blue-room consulting.ie or for Counselling and Psychotherapy services go to

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