March Sun Signs

The early days of March bring some important planetary shifts that can change the general tone or overall focus in our lives. It may be subtle and seem that nothing happens but from now on we should begin to see a new trend emerging. The planet of radical change and reorientation, Uranus, is travelling through the sign of Taurus now for the next seven years. There was a few months (May – November) last year when Uranus moved into Taurus before heading back into Aries, but from March 6 it will be fully committed to this sign. This is one of the most significant astrological features of 2019 and we can expect to see significant changes in the coming years. Its last journey through this sign was from 1934 – 1942. There was certainly disruption and doubt during those years and many world issues were challenged and important social, political and ideological shifts took place. Taurus is a sign that requires a sense of fundamental security and it values peace and stability. If those conditions aren’t currently available then things have to, and will change, to bring about the desired state of well-being during these next years. 

There are other shifts taking place in early March that indicate a new trend. Venus moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius on March 1 but just before she does, she makes a challenging connection to Uranus whilst they are both in the 29th degree of their respective signs. This is a bit like a quick flash of inspiration or a spontaneous urge to throw in a wild card and we may find ourselves wanting something quite unexpected or departing from our usual tastes or desires before we settle into the next phase. 

Fantasies and creative daydreaming is certainly an easy thing to focus on this month with Mercury still in Pisces. This is the planet of mind in the sign of the metaphysical. Abstract thinking and creative visualisation are enhanced whilst practical organisation has to be carried out intuitively as rational thought and logic flounders. Mercury has a longer stay in Pisces this year because he hesitates at the 29th degree, turning retrograde on March 5 and will continue this ‘backwards’ motion until March 28. The Mercury retrograde phase is not the portent of doom that is often suggested in modern astrology, where everything has to be postponed or it will go disastrously wrong. It can be a very productive period and is the perfect time to catch up with paperwork or revision. Going back over any details that need further clarification is the theme. With this planet currently in Pisces it’s a great time to shape up the ‘vision board’. When making plans, contracts, or breaking new ground in any venture be aware that you may have to revisit and review some aspect of it.

The Sun reaches its point of Equinox (equal day and night) on March 20. The Moon also approaches its Fullness in the first degree of Libra, once again highlighting a significant new phase beginning. The closeness of these events means an early Easter this year because the ‘long weekend’ holiday is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the Full Moon that follows Equinox. Enjoy the time to relax as things could get busy towards the month end when Mars the planet of action moves into Mercury ruled, air sign, Gemini on March 31, just a few days after Mercury starts its forward journey, heading rapidly towards fiery Aries. 

This month the New Moon is at 16° Pisces on March 6 at 4.03pm and Full Moon is at 1° Libra on March 21 at 1.42am.

Aries: At this time you have a deep longing to seek refuge in something, which transcends everyday life. Perhaps this will manifest itself in creative, musical or artistic work, which enables you to merge your spirit with the greater ocean of the collective spirit. You do not function well under the pressure of daily demands so you need to take time out to appreciate your talents away from distractions. This is a time of reorganising yourself on a subtle level and it’ll take awhile to become aware of the changes. Begin this phase slowly with plenty of time to delve into that impressive imaginative resource that is your inner world. 

Taurus: Fulfillment comes when you have a sense of belonging to the people you work with, and know that they also appreciate you. This is a time when you might be thinking more about how you and your ideals fit in with your chosen company. You must realise how you often become quite attached to pet projects and have some difficulty letting go of the reins when other people need to take over. Use this opportunity to make a positive move towards openness and you may discover a talent for working with people in groups, especially if this involves caring or humanitarian projects.

Gemini: You make important emotional bonds to people you work with, and you may find yourself playing a much more significant role, even being out in the public eye as you can easily appreciate what is wanted now. Remember though, it could be wise to develop a certain emotional detachment, so that you feel less vulnerable. You want to get ahead and be appreciated and now is the time to dream up your wildest dreams and take the risk of following them. Remember that everything you achieve has been imagined first. 

Cancer: You are hungry for understanding and insight, and will probably find yourself keen to read or study a great deal to attain further knowledge or wisdom. It’s a great time for planning, dreaming up new schemes, or rearranging the way you look at things. Patterns you establish now do not need the details to be fully worked out until later. Stick with the general idea until you’ve got it all properly roughed-out. Don’t be surprised if you find an opportunity to travel or link with foreign cultures, as there are valuable exchanges to be had. You have much to learn over the next few months.

Leo: Your current trend is an ability to tune in to the deepest emotional needs in other people. If you can face your own fears now, you’ll help guide others through theirs when the time comes. You have the courage to be honest with yourself which encourages others to be honest about their failings too and you’ll be appreciated for the support. Start this next phase with the determination to throw out some old worn out ways and unproductive thinking. This is a renewal of spirit for you so be prepared for some real transformation.

Virgo: Your increased receptivity to the problems and needs of others gives you to a listening job in which you can give valuable support. You have to take care not to become drained by emotional contacts now whilst you are rather over-sensitive to the demands of others. You may make too many compromises for the sake of emotional peace if you don’t step back when you should. Try to find that balance in your most important relationships. You can be very sincere when you want to be but it has to go both ways or you’ll have reason to feel resentful.

Libra: You’ll be working on behalf of others and want to be at your best so you can give your all to improving conditions, either at work or some other important area of your life. Emotional problems can arise through your effort to help because of some oversensitivity and unconscious overreaction. Be aware of where you feel your own security is threatened by change. Try to adapt before it happens. Consider which long term projects will give you the greatest sense of personal achievement and know that your mind, body and spirit are being looked after as a result. 

Scorpio: There is no time like the present when it comes to having fun, entertaining friends or relaxing with a loved one. Romance in all its forms is demanding to be indulged. Your tendency to yearn for the security of love and intimacy is at a peak. You might find yourself wanting to create a reality to match your cherished dreams and highest ideals. Remember that longterm satisfaction can also be found in simple pursuits or creative achievements of all kinds. Whatever you do make sure you have plenty of time to daydream between social events.

Sagittarius: The bonds to the past may seem stronger at the moment. This is an opportunity to reconsider people and places that have been important in your past.  Fundamental security is a major preoccupation now and you’ll be thinking of ways to bring something of your past experiences into the future. You function best when there is peace on the home front, but you might find yourself distracted by family worries or be concerned with matters of the home, land or property. Start the month with expressing some of those deep inner tensions that you’ve allowed to build up. 

Capricorn: When you communicate, you’ll find you do so with feeling and conviction. You have a compelling persuasive aura about you now and you are well suited to situations where communication is essential. It may be your job to dispel confusion over certain matters. Your skills are required in many areas and friends and neighbours will benefit from your knowledge. This is no time to be taking it easy but remember to maintain a good pace and you’ll have a lot to be grateful for if you are prepared to be generous in sharing yourself.

Aquarius: You’ll find your skills are used providing the basic needs of others as you have a strong appreciation of what has value, and what doesn’t.  The threat of economic insecurity can mean that you are staying longer than necessary in an unsatisfactory work situation. Wise decisions are based on knowing what is right for you and not on always playing it safe. Remember that the talents and abilities you have built up over the years are your security and if you put them to good use you will find the stability you’re reaching for.

Pisces: Trust and intimacy are primary concerns right now and you might have cause to test the bonds with the people closest to you. Emotions and personal attachments are central issues in your life now, though it may be that you are the one stretching the limits. You want to have the chance to make some kind of statement about who you are and what sets you apart from others rather than what you share in common. Start with an identity reality check. When you are sure you know who you are get out there and let everyone else know. 

Kate Arbon

Kate Arbon is a professional Astrologer based in West Cork.

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