West Cork company ‘OpenOut’ offers options for homes suffering from poor connectivity

OpenOut is a new West Cork based business that is providing an innovative solution to a common problem in our region – poor mobile coverage and broadband connectivity. One of the founding partners is well-respected businessman Peter Walsh. Peter speaks to West Cork People about the service OpenOut provides. 

“We are a company founded out of desperation to bridge the gap that householders and businesses experience in rural areas with mobile signal coverage,” says Peter. “At OpenOut, myself and my business partner Catherine O’Sullivan – who is an IT expert – are determined to provide creative and effective solutions for connectivity problems in rural areas. Flexible working and entrepreneurship is vital to the economy here in West Cork. So many people work at least part of the time at home and they can’t be hanging out the kitchen window whilst talking to customers or emailing. We’ve also found a need with holiday home owners who don’t want to sign up for broadband – even if it is available – and prefer to just use their mobile data for short stays. We’ve also provided solutions for rural based businesses and farmers.

“The concept of our system is very simple,” Peter explains. “An outdoor antenna captures the mobile signal from a nearby mast and feeds it to a repeater unit, which will enhance the weaker outdoor signal and feed it to an indoor antenna. This then re-broadcasts the boosted signals indoors, enabling you to make and receive calls or use mobile data where available. Whether your signal is poor due to the position of the house, thickness of the walls or insulation, our system will give you back your signal.”

“We’ve performed many installations around West Cork, and the owners are delighted with the results. We’re fine-tuning our product and service and we’re now hoping to expand Nationwide!”

Peter answers the common questions people have when looking at the OpenOut product:

Q: Is this equipment legal to use?

A: Yes absolutely. There have been news reports recently of the Regulator cracking down on illegal boosters because they can interfere with mobile signal and even threaten emergency services such as the Fire and Ambulance service. Not only is our equipment specifically designed to work in challenging Irish terrain, it’s COMREG compliant because it uses set frequencies and intelligent systems and it is fully compatible with all Irish cellular operators. 

Q: Does this equipment work with all networks?

A: Yes, there are three major cellular operators in Ireland – Eir, Vodafone and Three. There are some other virtual operators like Post Mobile, Lyca Mobile and Tesco Mobile but they use the networks of the major operators. Our equipment is fully compatible with all of them.

Q: I have some poor signal in some parts of my premises, mostly near the windows. Will this equipment improve that?  

A: Of course, that’s what our equipment does. It captures the existing weak outdoor signal and boosts its quality and strength. It then re-broadcasts it throughout your premises giving you a much-improved signal to make and receive calls. If you have two-three bars available outside of your premises you will probably get full five bars indoors and if you only get one-two bars outside, you may get three-four bars indoors. This is to comply with regulations to avoid interference with other other RF signals.

Q: What about mobile data? Will I get 3G or 4G connectivity as well?

A: Our equipment is fully capable of providing mobile data connectivity as well, depending if you have 3G or 4G signal available in your area. It is important to understand that our equipment does not generate any signals on its own, instead it boosts the existing outdoor signal into your home/premises.

Q. Does this equipment work in very remote areas with no mobile signals at all?

A: Our equipment does not generate any signal where there is none. So if there is no signal/mast in your area, it cannot work.  

To find out more about OpenOut’s service call the team on 023 8845599 or visit
You can also email

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