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Let’s look at why such a timeframe is required? When a baby girl is born her ovaries contain about 400,000 eggs. These eggs are stored in the ovaries until puberty when follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) signals the selection and growth of between 10-20 follicles each month. Each of these follicles contain a potential egg. Most commonly, only one follicle a month becomes the biggest and the other follicles die off; however in the case of fraternal twins two follicles continue to grow at this stage. 

A follicle’s life cycle is approximately 85 days when it will either ovulate and release the egg into the fallopian tubes or will die and be reabsorbed. Lack of energy or deficiencies in nutrients, blood, lipids, proteins and carbs can affect the eggs growth and maturation during these 85 days. 

A follicle produces oestrogen, with larger follicles producing more than a smaller one. If oestrogen levels are high enough the pituitary gland will release luteinising hormone (LH) to trigger ovulation and a secretion of cervical mucus that will nourish and protect sperm from the hostile acidic environment of the vagina. This mucus promotes the transportation of sperm from the vagina to the uterus, filters abnormal sperm and supports its survival for five to seven days. 

After ovulation, the follicle transforms into a corpus luteum with progesterone production beginning roughly 24 hours after ovulation. 

The size of the corpus luteum is determined by the size of the follicle prior to ovulation, with a larger corpus luteum producing more progesterone than a smaller one. 

Progesterone increases body temperature and has several important functions, including thickening the uterus lining, propelling the egg along the fallopian tube, aiding implantation, enlarging the breasts and maintaining the pregnancy. 

In fact after conception progesterone from the corpus luteum will maintain a pregnancy for up to 10 weeks when the placenta is large enough to take over progesterone production.  

Allowing three months preparation time for a fresh cycle will give your body time to recruit and mature eggs and their follicles before ovulation; however please be aware that if you have irregular cycles, are not ovulating, or have recently come off the contraceptive pill, it may take longer than three months to get pregnant. 

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat fertility and gynaecological issues. If you are thinking of starting a family, have been trying to conceive for some time or are about to start IVF, then acupuncture is worth considering. 

Whilst there is a genetic component to egg quality, the environment that the eggs are matured and recruited in prior to IVF egg collection matters; and three months of acupuncture and Chinese herbs will optimise egg quality. 

Amanda Roe is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Acupuncturist. She uses a range of holistic therapies including guidance around food to improve fertility, emotional and mental health and support natural recover from trauma, eating disorders and other mind/body illness. For more information or to book a session visit or call/text Amanda on: 087 633 1898.

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