Going full circle in fields of health

 by Sara Devoy

“To find health should be the object of the doctor.

Anyone can find disease.”

– A.T. Still

From as early as I can remember I have been interested in health. When I came to Ireland in 1990, I was completing  training in Polarity therapy, I set up a private practice in Cork, taught stress management and worked in three wholefood shops. I developed a business promoting Regenerative Chinese herb foods; my focus has always been on enhancing wellness.

John and I established Devoy’s Organic Farm 18 years ago. As the farm is now successfully leased and our three children are maturing, I am able to return full circle. Over the years I have experienced the benefits of craniosacral for myself and my family. Osteopathy, the tradition behind craniosacral therapy, taught that health is something that can be felt in the body as a vibrant vital force. The hands-on practicality of this excites me!

As a therapist it is my job to slow down the cycling of the sympathetic nervous system and create an environment that allows the person to unwind. A client may arrive with various ailments and feelings, instead of asking ‘what is wrong?’ I may ask ‘what feels good?’ Clients see they have a choice on where they place their attention.

A focus on health isn’t evading problems – it is an invitation to remember a time free of stress. From our beginnings as a single cell there is an impetus towards potential, intelligence and aliveness; a cut finger heals over and even bones slowly mend.

Recently, a client arrived full of agitation, but through the gentle hands-on work, she allowed herself to settle. It was as though sand was pouring to the bottom of a glass. Tensions lifted in her neck and shoulders. She slept deeply.

As I held another client’s lower back, the setting sun flooded into the therapy room. This, along with the sounds of clucking hens in the field, reminded me of how the natural environment enhances this work. 

Despite the physical limitations of a client with advanced Motor Neurone Disease, her body continues to seek alignment and health. Her breath deepens, her body softens and there is a pulse of aliveness under my hands. I believe there is richness and a depth of stillness that goes beyond words.

Clients speak of ‘ a deep calm’, of sleeping well and feeling less agitated. Most of us know what is it is like to be wound up like a tight coil and the pleasure of being able to enter a deeply restful state. Firing on all cylinders may have been needed at times in our life but choosing to let go of this vigilant mind-set is also necessary for deep rest and recovery. I feel honoured and privileged to be offering this cutting-edge therapy.

Craniosacral is valuable for people of all ages. To encourage people to experience the benefits themselves, I am currently offering a special rate for all readers of West Cork People. Four sessions of the price of three. Do call me on 087 2350900 for more information. Or email saradevoy1919@gmail.com  www.saradevoycraniosacral.com

Sara Devoy will be hosting a Soulfulness workshop on July 20 and 21 with author and teacher Robyn Sheldon.  Robyn teaches internationally and works with traditional wisdom teachers from South Africa.  Keep the dates and more information to follow.

“Join us for ‘a journey to tap into inner stillness and discover your  deep soul knowing with kindness, wisdom and integrity.’”

WCP Staff

WCP Staff Writer

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