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Have you ever felt yourself repeating the same negative behaviours, day after day, often against your own will? Perhaps you had decided to give up smoking, lose weight, or control your temper, only to find a cigarette in your hand, a biscuit in your mouth, or an argument erupt totally out of your control. Many people feel a lack of control in their lives and wonder is it possible to break the cycle? The answer is YES you can break the cycle and feel in control of your life!

So why is it that some people change their habits and behaviours and others don’t? The answer to this question is rooted in their belief system.

Your belief system is the frame that helps you to achieve your goals. The different types of beliefs areto:

Believe something is achievable but that you don’t have the necessary resources to make it happen; Believe something is achievable and you have the resources to make it happen; Believe it is achievable for others but not for yourselves; Believe it is not achievable.

The strongest scaffolding is to believe you can achieve your goal. Then surround yourself with resources. Take action and give yourself time to see results. All of these steps are important, i.e. you may believe you can lose weight, you can clearly see how you will look, how this change will effect your life. You know what a healthy diet is and understand which exercises are best for fat burning and promoting health. Then you take action but if you expect to see immediate results within a few days you haven’t given yourself the time needed for the change to be effective.

Additionally Internal interference can sabotage our belief system if: We are afraid to change; We don’t know how to change; We don’t give ourselves the chance to change because of limiting beliefs; We don’t want to change i.e. you might think you should do something like quit smoking for health reasons, when in reality you actually want to keep smoking because its the only thing you do for yourself.

For effective change the first questions to ask yourself are:How do I know I want to change? What will my life be like when I have made the change?

These questions help you to feel if you really want this change and then help to create a roadmap to guide you on the journey to your goal.

Do you want to believe in yourself and shape your own future? Would you like to recover from Trauma, Anxiety or Stress? Amanda Roeis a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist who uses a range of holistic therapies to help clients transform chronic mental, emotional and nutritional stress into health and vitality? If you would like more information or book a session or free telephone consultation call/text 0876331898 or email

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