Chronic Inflammation and homeopathy

Inflammation is part and parcel of many illnesses both chronic and acute.  It is your body’s way of protecting itself.  Obviously this can cause pain and discomfort but homeopath Sinéad Hurley reminds us that the inflammation itself is not the actual problem – we have to look deeper.  Why did the body respond in this way? What is out of balance?

We need to take an holistic view of the body – looking at the mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing of the body.  This is where Homeopathy can help. Homeopathy looks at the whole body – not just the part that is inflamed or causing a challenge. A homeopathic consultation takes approx one hour 15 minutes and during this time we delve deep into when this illness started, what was going on in your life at the time, what are your triggers emotionally and how the pain and discomfort feels. It is vital to look at food and diet as this can be a huge factor; after all your food is your fuel and we must remember we are not all the same, what suits one person may well aggravate another.  Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on an individual basis – taking into consideration how it is for you. There is no one size fits all!  

Not every client will know what triggers an imbalance in the body. For example; what triggers a stress response, do they know what it feels like in their body to feel stressed, overwhelmed and so on. As each person may react to stress differently, some situations will stress one person and not another.  This is very much individual. In my opinion the source of most illness lies with stress. The body is not at ease! The longer we remain in this state the more the energy flow gets stuck. So with this in mind I found a system (Qest 4)  that would tap into the body’s unique flow of energy and identify where the body is out of balance.   

The role of Qest 4 in my practice is to give a deeper level of understanding as to the current state of where the body’s energy is blocked.  Getting an accurate account of this information direct from the source (the body) is providing me with a vast amount of in-depth knowledge on where the body needs support. This system can also identify what foods the body is sensitive to which is vital information.

Having practiced homeopathy for over a decade, Sinead Hurley has successfully treated many clients with chronic inflammation, joint pain, IBS, migraine, endometriosis, asthma etc. If you would like to discuss your health challenges please book a FREE 15 min telephone consultation on her website

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