Ted’s Timber Floors in Leap – from Decca to decking!

Much has changed in Leap since 1925 when Timmy Danny O’Donovan opened his shop. Much has stayed the same. Famous for Raleigh bicycles and Decca Records – O’Donovan’s shop was the place to go for the latest Bing Crosby, the forgotten Irish tenor John Feeney, or to just buy some tobacco and have a smoke on the bench outside. They supplied everything to the local community, from groceries to hardware, with petrol pumps outside. The timber flooring showroom was opened a year ago by Timmy Danny’s grandson Ted. It is now doing a flying business in floors, decking and doors. With a big open showroom full of light, it’s the perfect place to see their wide range of flooring. 

“We cater for all kinds of customers. If you are on a budget, we can do that. If you are building a new house and want something modern and sleek, or a once-off room for renovation, we can do that too. We have a superb range of laminates and engineered multi layered boards, in different length and width options,” says Ted.

For many, the choice for flooring is laminates. Once laminates were cheap and cheerful, but nowadays the quality and detail of German laminates is exceptional. They require little maintenance and the variety of finishes is wide ranging. There are classic herringbone styles, dating back to Roman times that would add style and character to any home. For regular lengths in wide planks, there are choices from the cool Polar White Oak, to greys, to the darker smoked Oaks. 

“Many people are now putting laminates into open plan living spaces as they are aqua resistant and wear really well no matter how many kids are jumping around in the morning looking for books and lunches.”

Their wide range of engineered flooring comes in a variety of styles and finishes. There are the classics like European Oak, the rich American Walnuts, or the slick Scandinavian UV white oiled Oaks. The quality is top notch and the finishes come in smooth or brushed, oiled or varnished finishes. 

“It all comes down to personal tastes. Some love a cool clean finish,” says Ted. “Others want something warm and rich. It depends on the house as well. You also might want an acoustic underlay to muffle sounds or to cater for underfloor heating. There’s a few things to consider so that’s why it’s great to have the showroom and with all the road works done and dusted, it’s easy to stop in Leap and take the time to carefully choose the flooring that is right.”

And why stop at indoors? They also stock a range of composite decking that can extend any home out onto a patio or roof space, maintenance free. Adjustable composite supports and aluminium base rails  cater for different ground levels, and help to make the outdoors just as stylish as your indoors. 

Being so close to the sea and the villages of Glandore and Union Hall, it’s no wonder that they also provide wood for boat decks. “Not many these days, but it’s special to see teak going from the store and to see the craft that is involved in fitting it into a boat deck that needs replacement. Our products are everywhere, in homes, gardens and out on the sea!”

Building projects take a bit of planning, so it’s never too early to check out your options when it comes to flooring or decking for your house. We work with engineers and architects on projects, commercial and domestic. Lauraine Farley interior designer helped design the showroom and Ted has no problem in recommending her if you need help with your project.  

There might not be O’Donovan’s being chased through the village anymore, but as we move into October, you’ll see Leap filling up with Scarecrows soon for the annual world famous festival that is filled with fun events from parades and witches dances to facepainting and puppet shows from October 26 to November 4. 

Old traditions of Oíche Shamhna and Mascalach have been reborn again and have revitalised a village that has marked for centuries this famous crossing point. So too with ‘Ted’s Timber Floors’. What was once a thriving local community store established in 1925, now has a new lease of life as a timber flooring showroom in 2019 and so it should be. 

Open Monday to Friday – 8am to 5.30pm. Open Saturdays – 9am to 1pm.

Mary O'Brien

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