reuzi’s sustainability story

Pat Kane, the founder at reuzi, a one-stop shop for minimal waste lifestyle, tells us how, at reuzi, they go to great lengths to offer only eco-friendly products that are safe, high quality and ethically sourced.

When I founded reuzi my main goal was to do the legwork in researching, designing, creating, finding, sourcing, testing and offering only the best alternatives to plastic products. 

We believe that responsible shopping begins with us, not the customer.

Our products are made of high quality natural materials including glass, wood, stainless steel, bamboo, cotton, wool and recycled paper, to name a few.

In a world so dependent on plastic, it is a challenge to find certain products with no plastic components. Hence, some of our products do feature plastic parts, but these parts are made of high quality, stable plastic and will have little or no contact with your food or beverage. 

Product quality is crucial to us. If we can’t trust the quality, how can you?

We choose products made of safe materials free of known toxins such as bisphenol A (BPA), polyvinyl choloride (PVC), phthalates, and lead. 

Ethical sourcing is in our DNA.

We work to ensure that the products being sourced by reuzi are created in safe facilities by workers who are treated well and paid fair wages. 

It also implies that the supplier is respecting the environment during the production and manufacture of the products.

We carefully research each one of the brands we curate to ensure key points are addressed before we add the products to our portfolio. If we are not fully satisfied with the explanations we receive, then the product doesn’t go up on our site. Simple as that.

Pack like a rockstar.

All new materials used to pack orders are made of non-plastic packing materials – recycled paper, cellulose, cornstarch. There may be some plastic in the packaging of a particular product, and this is because it was packaged that way by the manufacturer, not by reuzi. 

We reuse boxes and packing materials that come into our storage facility and even our home. Some of these materials may have residual plastic on them but we strive to fully remove it before reusing them.

Our packaging is always 100 per cent recyclable.

We encourage customers to give the packing materials another life by reusing them for their own packing needs, or as a last resort, recycling them.

Customers can be confident that we use our products in our everyday lives constantly – and that ‘we’ includes our kids, our friends, our families and our wee team!

We avoid printing brochures and business cards – whenever needed, we make our own promo material by using cardboard leftovers! 

We are however good listeners and we love feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, so get in touch – via email, of course! Letters are just a waste of paper!

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