‘Springspiration’: Moving the impossible

What does it take to inspire you to make healthier life choices? Choices which are good for your body and mind? Choices that will improve your life and bring more joy, energy and health?

For me one inspiration is spring, with its first blue skies and warm sun rays. It fills me with energy and a desire to ‘go out and do something’. It’s like a deep pull within to get out, soak up the D vitamin I can get from the sun and move my body. Run, bike, hike or walk. Or just sit outside, feeling the air and sunshine in my hair and on my skin. It’s a mood-lifter and an energy charger and I use it as often as possible when the sun is out. 

I also get inspired by other people’s work ethics, achievements and accomplishes. I follow several runners and non-professional athletes on Instagram and enjoy reading their training and race posts. Learn how they improve or fail. I get inspired by the commitment ordinary people have towards their goals. 

Like the two Ultra Runners, David and Jette who I interviewed for another inspiration piece. Maybe you remember them? He did five ultra endurance events during September and she just completed her second 100 miles race.

And then there is music, films and books. Music for when the training needs a little ‘extra’ and films and books for the same inspiration as above: Following another person’s journey towards their goal. And now – You tube video! Very hands-on Yoga session to be exact. 

I’m still testing the waters (my form) to see if this year will be the year, to try a full marathon distance in my hometown of Copenhagen. I find that I need to take good care of my body to avoid injuries and thus have off-days and active restitution days.

So this Wednesday, I tried online Yoga! Found a 20 min yoga guide on You Tube, aimed for core, with a fantastic woman called Adriene (Yoga with Adriene). If you’ve looked for yoga online, you probably already know her.

I found the session quite easy-to-follow, despite not being able to see the screen from some positions and, all in all, it felt very organic and natural, especially the way she had composed the flow between positions.

I followed the session with roughly 25 minutes of my own body weight exercise combo to improve my running: Squats, one-legged squats, side lunges, hip bridges, side planks and strict push ups. While none of it made me break a sweat, it also didn’t lead to muscle overuse and gave my body a well-deserved active rest day. 

While writing this, I’m looking forward for another week of trying to create the possibility of reaching the marathon distance. I’m looking at doing the furthest distance yet (28 km). Now this is peanuts for the two Ultra Runners (David and Jette) whom I mentioned earlier, but for someone like me, it’s a big step. 

And then…it only is, until it isn’t. If these three past years of running have taught me anything, it is that what you think is impossible changes all the time. When I started running, I was happy to run 3 km a couple of times a week and I could not see myself run 5 km. That was too long and too hard. Then 5 km became the normal and even then I had many setbacks, having to take weeks off running regularly during these almost three years. My impossible has changed. I now run 10 km for leisure and a half marathon without problems. 

I know, with the right inspiration, drive and commitment, your impossible will change too, no matter what you decide you would like to become good or better at. Your impossible will change and you will change your life for the better. Don’t give up because of set-backs and breaks. Work around things as well as you can and stick with it.

For example, should I, for any reason, not be ready for the Copenhagen Marathon, I will find another goal, which will still move my ‘impossible’. Moving the impossible is the gift from all the hard work and I hope it will inspire you too. 

Questions and comments are as always very welcome to: taniaskitchenfitness@gmail.com or via Instagram: @trainwithadane You are also welcome to follow my training and get tips to home sessions.

Tania Presutti

Tania Presutti is a Danish freelance journalist and fitness professional who now resides in Clonakilty.

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