10 New Year’s tips for your health and wellbeing from Organico Staff

New Year is a time for promises and resolutions. When it comes to your health, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try making a few small changes and if you manage to create a new healthy habit or two you can build on that. To help you make a change or two, we asked our staff for their top tips for you for 2019. There are 35 of us working in Organico (more in the summertime!) so it’s a very useful overview of what is actually working for people who are committed to their own health and well being. Here are some of the things they suggest you try this year. Have a great 2019 folks, and hope to see you over in Bantry sometime soon.

1. Cook with a healthier oil, try: Ekoplaza Cooking Coconut Oil: As Dee in our shop has to say about it: “Ever since I took on board the importance of only using stable, naturally saturated oils for cooking I have noticed: dry skin patches have disappeared, meal digestion is far easier and there’s a lighter cleaner taste and texture to my food allowing the real flavour of what I’m cooking to come through.”

2. Always have a quick and easy meal option at hand, try: Organico’s Sun-dried Tomato Pesto. Sile (who works in our Shop) says: We absolutely love this pesto in our house. The combination of flavors is simply delicious. I add it to my pasta, I spread it on toast, it goes so nice with cheese and crackers and sometimes I just eat it by the spoon. The added almond bits give it such a lovely texture and added crunch. It is truly yummy and a weekly staple in our fridge.

3. Drink Ethical Coffee, try: Red Strand Coffee beans. One of Hannah’s favourites: “I’m so in love with our coffee, which Shane from Red Strand in Clonakilty roasts especially for us, that I took four bags of it away on a family holiday to Spain recently! It’s from a small organic grower in Ethiopia, and tastes delicious made into a flat white with the Barista Oatmilk. Call over and you can try before you buy – we use the coffee in the Cafe and sell it in the shop.

4. Eat ethical chocolate, try: Original Beans Chocolate. Our new Original Beans organic chocolate bars are for serious chocolate lovers. Each bar is single origin and made from a specific type of cacao bean. Their production is kind to the workers and land involved in the process. What’s more, a tree is planted for every bar bought. But the most interesting thing is the flavours, which are quite unbelievable. As Rachel says about them, “If you thought you knew what chocolate tasted like, think again!”

5. Would you like something new for your everyday health? What about giving mushrooms a go for their health boosting benefits? Try Hifas da Terra mushroom-based supplements. Mushrooms have been used for their medicinal properties for centuries. We carry an organic range of mushroom-based supplements (including smoothie powders and kids’ products) that target everything from the common cold, to digestive issues, to anti-aging and memory loss. Hannah went to Spain to see where these products are produced last September – and came back a convert to their impressive powers. Come and chat to us if you want to know more.

6. Amp up your skincare routine, try: Kinvara Skincare – 24HR Rosehip Serum. Many skin experts recommend a daily serum for an extra boost of moisture and anti-aging properties that other types of skincare products just can’t deliver. Katie, in our Cafe, is a fan of the Irish brand Kinvara: “I started using this serum about two years ago and it has become a regular part of my nightly routine. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and the rose gives a lovely glow.”

7. Take care of your gut – try Super 8 by Udo’s Choice. For any of us recovering from the (well-deserved) indulgences of the Christmas season, a probiotic can help us get back on track and our digestive system in optimal working order. As Dee says, “When your diet has tipped towards sugars and white carbs, you’re bloated, you’re sluggish and suffer from brain fog, your skin is dull, flaky, blemished…this is my favourite probiotic. With a nice balance of eight microbiotic strains, four for the small intestine, four for the large. With 42 billion strength, Super 8 gets to the gut with only one capsule a day…a no-brainer!”

8. Add even more Turmeric to your daily routine! Jaime says: I arrived at work on Friday not feeling great and Clovis Ferguson was doing a product launch in Organico of her new Turmeric drink called Jamu. I tried it, and it certainly had the desired effect — my cold disappeared. Dilute with hot water and add honey if you wish, this tonic is seriously effective and will be my go-to immune booster over the next few months!

9. Don’t forget Magnesium for daily wellbeing. Carla says: I really like MAG365 as I find it a very effective form of magnesium. After taking this supplement, I noticed my mood is better, my energy has improved, I have less muscle stiffness and my quality of sleep has greatly improved.

10. And finally, remember your Fish Oils, says Gavin in our Cafe: ‘I have found the Eskimo-3 Omega 3 fish oil to be a great addition to my day. I have been taking it for the last four months, and have found a noticeable improvement in my memory, reactions and sharpness of my thinking. It adds to a solid night’s sleep, and allows me to be more like me as I go through my day!’

For more information or to have a chat about any of these recommendations, do come and visit us in Bantry or have a look at our online shop at www.organico.ie (we ship all over Ireland!). We will be having Maralyn Glenville coming to Bantry in February to give an evening talk on healthy approaches to Dieting, so watch this space for more details. And come over on Saturdays for our new Brunch Menu in the Cafe, Tuesday mornings for our informal Parent and Toddler group meet-up, and the third Saturday of every month for a Death Cafe get together…if you are intrigued, there is more information on FaceBook. See you all soon!

Hannah Dare

Hannah Dare co-runs Organico, the café, bakery and health shop in Bantry, West Cork.

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