‘Progress through technology’ with Audi

I have often said on these pages that colour is so important when choosing a new car. In December I met a colleague who was driving a new, but dirty-looking black Audi A6. It could have done with a wash after a few days driving on wet country roads.

Then last month when I went to pick up my Audi A6 test model from Automotive in Sandyford there waiting for me in the January sunshine was a gorgeous Floret Silver coloured version. 

Audi has given their A6 a makeover, but as with most makeovers you would need to be wearing your Audi anorak to spot all the changes/improvements. The fifth generation of this popular executive saloon has new engines with mild hybrid technology and a cabin full of the most modern infotainment and driver assistance features. 

As usual with Audi it’s a case of evolution rather than revolution with some of the improvements coming from Audi’s A8. The A6 still has the classic Audi silhouette look and everything in the cabin is really impressive. The dash is very busy with so many controls at your finger tips; for safety reasons I think it’s best you make your selections before driving off or when stopped at traffic lights.

It’s certainly fun to drive as you can choose five different driving modes: auto, comfort, dynamic, efficiency and individual. There is room in the back for three adults. But as usual in cars with a bulky transmission tunnel the middle passenger will have to place a foot on either side of the ‘tunnel.’ So the rear seat is probably more comfortable with just two passengers.

The A6 is a big motor and needs large engines and these are available in both petrol and diesel with different drive trains. I drove a 2.0-litre automatic TDI with 204-brake horsepower. In line with all the modern technology it was no surprise to find an electronic handbrake. Boot space is impressive with 530 litres of space available. And the good news is that you get a proper spare wheel.

It’s a gorgeous car to drive and so comfortable to travel in; it just seems to glide along the road. Last week the traffic on the M50 was quiet and it was lovely to watch the kilometres being eaten up on the ‘yellow and green’ lines which are part of the Sat Nav display on the dash. There is an excellent reversing camera with plenty of colour and there are front and rear sensors to help you avoid any possible scratches.

Prices start at €50,800, while the S-Line 2.0-litre version with 204 brake horse power that I drove starts at €55,605. But all those extras came to nearly 6K, which brought the price of the car as test to €61,567. Of course you don’t have to get all of those optional extras. Road tax is €200.

It’s full of technology and I discovered what a first was certainly for me. If you get out of the car with your I-phone still connected to the Audi system, you will get a voice message telling you that your phone is still in the car. 

I loved it and the changes/improvements to the A6 are proof of just how true Audi’s advertising strapline ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ is. It translates from German as ‘progress through technology.’

Sean Creedon

Sean Creedon is a national motoring journalist.

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