Inclining the mind towards what is good in our lives instead of dwelling on past misadventures is so important for our mental health.  As I reflect on the past year in terms of learning and teaching mindfulness, I owe a large amount of gratitude to the growing community of people […]

There are many definitions of mindfulness available these days, but personally I like the simplicity of Rob Nairn’s; “knowing what is happening, while it is happening, without preference”.  In terms of being mindful, this means knowing what you are thinking while you are thinking it and knowing how you are […]

Silence can sometimes represent punishment or evoke unpleasant memories for us. Sometimes silence can be unsettling. There are, however, alternative, more positive ways to experience it.  Recently I have been researching the mental and physical health benefits of silence when it is a chosen option, for example, when practising mindfulness […]