Bere islander Gerald Orpen, 86, spent his working life at sea until the recession hit Ireland in the 1980s and he packed his bag and headed to New York to find work on a construction site. While the island was a wonderful place to raise a family, it wasn’t an […]

There isn’t a whisper of a West Cork accent in Dave Scully’s voice, as he serves up his famous sirloin steak burgers over the counter to a regular. “Howya love” and “Janey Mac” are common refrains as customers spill into the butcher shop on Pearse Street in Clonakilty. “I’ll change […]

A familiar character around town and still on the shop floor, known for his friendly, if occasionally gruff nature, Christy Thornhill, 76, is possibly most famous for being one of the first rowers in Skibbereen after he was captured on camera in the fifties taking a trip down the llen […]

“It’s like having one big ward,” laughs nurse Catherine O’Sullivan, as she describes her role as an island nurse. It’s much more than that however, as Catherine is something to everyone on Bere Island on the Beara peninsula, from offering support and advice to the mother of the week-old baby […]

The effects of music to our wellbeing are known to be far-reaching, from reducing anxiety and pain to improving memory and mood. Who hasn’t thrown on a tune on a grey winter’s day and felt the better for it? Going a step further in actually making music, particularly in a […]

Growing up in Monterrey, the second largest city in Mexico and an industrial metropolis, Sonia Viridiana Castro lived a very different lifestyle back then to the one she married into in West Cork 11 years ago. Today Sonia runs an organic growing business and Veg Box scheme with her husband […]