Nick Hanauer is by his own definition a plutocrat and proud and unapologetic capitalist. In 2019 at TED in Edinburgh he introduced himself as not just one of the “top one per cent” of earners but in the top 0.01 per cent. He has founded, cofounded, or funded over 30 […]

The word ‘economics’ makes many people’s eyes glaze over. It all sounds so…abstract: Aggregate demand, Keynesianism, negative deflationary spiral, fractionally higher highs, liquidity preferences But what does all that have to do with real life? Everything of course explains Moze Jacobs. It’s the language of industry leaders, investors, finance ministers, […]

An occasional column by Grace O’Sullivan – mother, environment and peace activist, ecologist, MEP The benefits of improving your home energy set-up and moving towards  more green, energy-efficient models are clear. You become more self-sufficient; you get to tap into natural, sustainable energy sources which can provide you with cheap, […]