Like the rest of the country, I began 2023 feeling like death warmed over. Our first proper Christmas since lockdown 2020 and many of us were too sick to party. It was a pick and mix lottery of diseases, but most of us got a winning ticket of sniffles, coughs, […]

And just like that it’s the last month of the year.  After such a great summer and a lovely autumn, I almost forgot that the dark days were on the way – until I looked up at 4:30pm and noticed that it was pitch black outside. Let’s face it, it […]

It’s been a glorious September this year. Golden. Warm. Sea swimming and beer garden gigs. The good weather has added a few extra weeks to the feeling of summer in the garden, not to mention my mood. The bounty has been wonderful: tomatoes, squash, potatoes, the last of the green […]

As I sit myself down to write this August 2022 column, I am thinking back to the day thirty years ago that changed my life forever. It was one of those three-seasons-in-one sort of day when we unloaded the car in front of our rental home on Inchydoney. My sister […]

So here we are: mid-summer. My favourite time of the year. I know some will say that the autumn is the most beautiful, that winter is most cosy, and spring most uplifting, but I’ll take full-blown summer over the other three. Summer is the best. The landscape is lush and […]