It’s been a glorious September this year. Golden. Warm. Sea swimming and beer garden gigs. The good weather has added a few extra weeks to the feeling of summer in the garden, not to mention my mood. The bounty has been wonderful: tomatoes, squash, potatoes, the last of the green […]

As I sit myself down to write this August 2022 column, I am thinking back to the day thirty years ago that changed my life forever. It was one of those three-seasons-in-one sort of day when we unloaded the car in front of our rental home on Inchydoney. My sister […]

So here we are: mid-summer. My favourite time of the year. I know some will say that the autumn is the most beautiful, that winter is most cosy, and spring most uplifting, but I’ll take full-blown summer over the other three. Summer is the best. The landscape is lush and […]

The weather has been touch-and-go so far, but there’s no denying that summer is here, and frankly it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just a month ago we were emerging back into the light both metaphorically and literally. Now Covid is receding into the past, and it’s still […]

It’s so good to see the Spring again. The world is still a crazy place and getting weirder every day. After two years of covid and one month of watching Ukraine go up in flames, it’s good to at least say goodbye to the winter. Thank goodness for the sights, […]